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Providing the right high heels for men entails knowing something about the anatomy of the foot and making the design work for the wearer. Therefore, buying heels involves customization as well as considering a man’s needs with respect to comfort and design.

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How to Find the Best Mens Heels for You

If you’re wondering where to buy mens heels online, you don’t have to look any further. The Enrico Cuini brand will come to the rescue. To engineer a successful design, you have to consider physics and fit. With these two variables in mind, you can personalize the mens heels for the customer and make them fit comfortably.

The Miracle of the ALIA Design

Most three-inch heels decrease the surface area of the shoe to 20%, thus increasing the pressure. Enrico Cuini solved this problem with the invention of the Active Lift in Alignment (ALIA) design. This design increases the foot’s surface area for heels, reducing the pressure in the metatarsal joint of the foot. 

This marvel in shoe engineering also adds stability. That is because the ALIA design supports the mid part of the foot’s three arches – areas that involve medial, lateral, and transverse parts of the foot.

In turn, the wearer–man or woman–feels more confident when wearing this design as it allows them to experience more energy – energy that responds well to the gait as it releases the weight-bearing impact on the foot.

When men buy heels, their main concern is often the associated pressure – a pressure that, again, affects the metatarsal joint or ball of the foot and the calcaneus (heel). 

Physics are used to measure pressure by taking this force and dividing it by the shoe’s surface area. The more you reduce the surface area then, the more you’ll feel pressure on your foot.

The ALIA design increases the surface area so both men and women can wear heels for hours. This gives a man a large number of style options – styles that can extend past fancy dress wear and be made part of his everyday fashion.

Men wearing heels today challenges traditional forms and allows a man to be his best self, giving him both confidence and daring. 

If you want to feel as good as you look, you’ll find wearing heels is a great way to enhance your individual style. 

Making the Most of Your Appearance

What makes any person special is what they embrace – fashion-wise and individually. You can make this distinction with tailor-made shoes from Italy. Shoes can be virtually measured for your convenience and designed to your preferences any time.

Whether you wish to appear taller with your shoes or with thinner lapels, you have fashion options. That’s why it pays–literally–to choose shoes with heels that are both fashionable and easy to wear.

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