Planning Your Big Day- The Importance of a Beautiful Wedding Venue

When you’re getting married there’s so much to do and plan. It’s incredible how many little details you have to think about for an event that only takes a day, but it’s like the list is never ending. This is mainly because when it comes to weddings, the little things matter. The colours you choose, the combination of flowers that you have, the personalised wedding favours and the beautifully designed wedding stationery are what make your big day memorable. However, there’s one BIG decision that makes the biggest impact on how your wedding day will look and run, and that’s the venue that you choose. It’s also most likely the biggest expense, and booking your venue will give you your wedding date that all your other guests and vendors will be working towards. So be sure to give it some real thought, go and view as many venues as you can and have in mind the overall theme of how you want your wedding to look so that you can get this right. Read on to find out more!

Beautiful Wedding Venue

Setting the stage at a Beautiful Wedding Venue

Have a think about the type of wedding you’re hoping to achieve. Do you need a wedding venue with woodlands or lush gardens to complement your enchanted, mystical wedding? Do you need the exposed beams and backdrop of a beautiful barn to complement your rustic decor? How about a grand ballroom with chandeliers to tie in with the Hollywood Glam theme you have in mind? A beautiful venue should complement and tie in with the vibe you’re trying to create. When you choose somewhere stunning you’re already halfway there in terms of decor too. The architectural charm and aesthetic appeal of a venue is able to speak for itself, reducing the need for tons of extra decorations. This can save on both hassle and cost. 

Stress free planning

Choosing the right venue can save you a lot of stress and take a huge weight off your shoulders. If you want a venue that provides everything from the food and drinks to cake cutting, announcements, accommodation for guests and music/ entertainment then find one that has a package that can do this. If you’re happy to source vendors yourself and deal with everything then choose a venue that simply offers the rooms or total venue for hire for the day. Consider how much help and support you might need. If you want to reduce the burden then a venue that can do it all and is your best bet. 

Guest experience at your Beautiful Wedding Venue

While your wedding day is about you and your partner, you want your guests to have a great time too. A beautiful setting enhances the overall guest experience, leaving a lasting impression. The venue will set the tone for an unforgettable celebration for everyone.

Perfect photography

A beautiful wedding venue will provide your photographer with a fantastic array of picturesque backdrops. And with more opportunities to create stunning photos, chances are the happier you’ll be with your wedding album. 

Choosing a beautiful wedding venue is possibly the biggest decision you’ll make when it comes to planning your wedding. Potentially even more so than your dress! So take the time to explore and find the perfect place that really resonates with your vision.

Love Lilla xx

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