The Power of Built In Shapewear Dress: A Timeless Classic 

Imagine that a summer weekend is approaching. The sun is inviting outside, your friends decide to have a fun date, and everyone should be dressed up for a fun souvenir photo. 

You run to your closet, open it, and find that you don’t have any dresses. What do you mean I don’t have any dress that is a classic piece? You think and get discouraged, maybe you won’t go to the meeting anymore. 

Sounds like a scene from a sad movie, doesn’t it? But that’s the reality of many women who don’t wear dresses because they aren’t completely satisfied with their bodies. And that cannot be your reality. 

These women may not know that it is possible to solve this impediment by creating a built in shapewear dress look. It’s simple, easy and you need to try it and spread the good news to your friends next time, so it’s interesting that you learn how the dress can be the perfect helper in this process.  

1- You must have at least one basic black dress 

The black dress is a classic. It has the power to look good on every woman. No matter what shape your body is, the shapewear dress creates the shape you need to be happy. 

Black is one of the most basic pieces you should have in your closet, as it goes well with any type of accessory. Now, imagine this benefit enhanced by the feature of built-in shapewear. 

Try purchasing an adaptive version whit the Built-In Shapewear Slip Midi Lounge Dress. It is made of modal fabric, which promotes a feeling of softness in contact with the skin, in addition to absorbing moisture and leaving you dry all day. 

It gives you a flat tummy, straight posture and looks perfect with a heel. A shaper dress goes great with white comfy sneakers for cool occasions.  

2- Color brightens your life 

You can use and abuse color to create a more lively, relaxed and happy look. The clothes you wear say a lot about your state of mind. Prefer to insert color in more informal compositions. 

How about choosing the blue hue of one of the Built-In Shapewear Modal Multi-Style Dresses? It is even possible to buy different shapes of the shapewear dress in different colors. 

The more options you have in your closet, the more incredible looks you’ll be able to create. The shaper dress makes you happy with your body. When you’re happy there are no limits to creations. 

They promote lifting of the butt and bust, in addition to a perfect flattening of the belly. They do not compress the contour of the hips, as they have a 3D fit on the hips. The leg sculpting effect, shows off your curves through the mesh fabric along the leg shapes. 

3- Neutral tones deliver elegance 

Neutral colors deliver interesting proposals for you. It is possible to include the use of your shapewear dress both to go to a party in the countryside or to present an important work meeting.  

Invest in lounge dresses in black, gray or maybe light brown. This 8 in 1 has shapewear underneath, delivering the modeling your body needs in a simple way. Nobody will notice that you chose to wear a dress with a built-in shapewear. 

Straps are adjustable, adapting to all body shapes. And tummy flattening is ensured by the dual-layer waist control. 

Love Lilla xx

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