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Preparing for your wedding is a magical process. The big day will pass by in the blink of an eye. Finding ways to capture the magic of the moment is vital, this way, the memories can be cherished forever.

The great news is that this process is a lot easier than most couples realise. Here are four top tips that will ensure the magic of your big day lasts a lifetime.

Capture The Magic Of The Build Up To Your Big Day

If you want to avoid the threat of the whole wedding passing you by in the blink of an eye, try to extend the fun. The build-up is one of the most exciting times in your life. After the proposal, arranging a pre-wedding shoot is the perfect way to get professional shots to show your excitement. Meanwhile, hosting an engagement party is the perfect way to kickstart the wedding prep season. 

Better still, it gives you an opportunity to celebrate with friends and family without the structured rituals of your big day.

Hire Professionals For Your Big Day

Arranging the big day is hard enough without worrying about the process of capturing the magic. It is especially true when you have decided to take the DIY route rather than use a wedding planner. Hiring a photographer and a professional videography company will ensure you have the best material to remember your big day. You will look back on the content together for many years to come.

The best experts will capture everything from the surroundings to the love shared between the happy couple on this magical day.

Hire An Artist Too

Wedding videos and photos occupy a special place in every groom or bride’s heart. You can also capture the magic in art form by hiring a painter or other artist to create a couple of masterpieces from your big day. They will sit there in the background. Their creativity will spot the beauty of your big day from a different angle, providing the perfect item to accompany your videos and photos.

A painting or drawing can subsequently take pride in your home. Hanging it on the wall will provide a daily reminder of your love and the big day.

Write Your Vows

Capturing the moment isn’t just about having visual reminders. Any opportunity to reconnect with the emotions that you felt on the big day should be grabbed with both hands. Writing your vows is the ultimate solution. It allows you to truly speak from the heart. Each time you subsequently say those words, it will transport you back to the magical day. It has the same powerful impact that a great song offers.

You do not have to be a writer to express your love and passion. Again, the vows can subsequently become the ultimate product for the home. Or inspiration for a tattoo.

Love Lilla xx

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