Savour the Season: Adams & Russell’s Festive Coffee Bundle

Festive Coffee

As the holiday season approaches, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee takes on a festive twist with Adams & Russell’s Festive Coffee Bundle. Packed with two incredibly popular blends, the bundle offers a delightful journey through the unique flavours that define Christmas. Priced at just £12, this is not just a coffee purchase; it’s an invitation to savour the spirit of the season in every cup.

Inside the Bundle:

The star attractions of this bundle are the Christmas Blend and Jingle Beans, each offering a distinctive taste of the holidays. Let’s take a closer look at what makes these blends so special:

Festive Coffee: Christmas Blend

  • Country: Indonesia & Ethiopia
  • Elevation: 1200m – 1400m
  • Process: Washed
  • Notes Of: Spice, Brown Sugar, Dark Chocolate

Indulgent, warming, and lightly spiced, the Christmas Blend is the embodiment of Christmas in a cup. With its full-roast Indonesian Java at its heart, this blend boasts bold, rich, and striking flavors that create a perfectly balanced and unique coffee experience. Best enjoyed as a latte or flat white to bring out the super smooth chocolate notes, it’s also versatile enough for creative experimentation with syrups and toppings. The Christmas Blend is the ideal companion for espresso-based drinks, and for those who prefer alternative brewing methods, it delivers a smooth, punchy experience on the Stovetop.

How To Brew It:

  • Espresso: 17g in / 38g / 25 seconds

Festive Coffee: Jingle Beans

  • Country: Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Ethiopia
  • Elevation: 1300m – 1800m
  • Process: Washed
  • Notes Of: Clementine, Cocoa, Nougat

Back for its second season, Jingle Beans is a special creation born from the collaborative spirit of the Adams & Russell team. This blend combines beans from Papua New Guinea, Mexico San Ramon, and Ethiopia Sidamo, resulting in a smooth, chocolatey delight bursting with sweet, fruity flavours.

How To Brew It:

  • V60: 1:16 over 2 minutes 30 seconds

Why You’ll Love It:

Adams & Russell’s Festive Coffee Bundle is not just a purchase; it’s an experience. The Christmas Blend and Jingle Beans bring the warmth and joy of the holidays to your cup, creating moments that are as rich and flavorful as the blends themselves. The carefully selected beans, the unique notes, and the brewing recommendations make this bundle a perfect gift for yourself or someone you love.

Elevate your holiday season with the rich and festive flavours of Adams & Russell’s Christmas Blend and Jingle Beans. The £12 Festive Coffee Bundle is a limited-time opportunity to indulge in the spirit of the season—one cup at a time. Don’t miss out on this aromatic celebration; head to Adams & Russell to unwrap your festive coffee experience today. Cheers to a season filled with warmth, joy, and the perfect cup of coffee!

Love Lilla xx

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