Tips when Booking Your Own Accommodation

Booking Your Own Accommodation

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Booking your own accommodation is more of a task when trying to secure somewhere great to go on holiday. And while it takes more time, it can save a lot of cash. However, there are some things you can do to ensure your chosen place to stay is really what you need and want.

Check Out the Every Single One of the Images

Any reputable service that provides access to holiday homes, such as villas and cottages, will always have plenty of info about the place. But it can be tedious to go through a load of text. An easier method is to look at the images. Just by looking carefully, you can check whether the place is situated well, the condition of the interior amenities and even if pool maintenance is above board. If anything looks off, it might be best to move on to the next one on the list.

Read All Available Reviews Thoroughly

Reading a load of stuff when looking for a holiday home or resort isn’t fun. But it is essential when it comes to reviews. Reviews will let you know if something is off about the property. Customers are very vocal when they have a great time or a bad time. But also be wary of reviews, as many are fake. Fake reviews are often vague, misspelt, and robotic. If possible, see if there are ways to verify genuine customer reviews and give those priority readings.

Check Amenities when Booking Your Own Accommodation

Staying away from your own Home for even a small period of time can be a challenge when you don’t have access to all the things you usually do. Ensure your chosen accommodation offers both what your family needs and what they want when planning a holiday. For instance, does it come with linens, baby-changing facilities and even cutlery? Some do not. Check for these and luxuries, such as a pool or hot tub, before you book, or you could end up running around more.

Check On-Site Safety Features as if it is Home

Safety is always a top priority when travelling. At any holiday home, the safety features must be adequate in case something happens. All listings will be required to have specific safety devices, but there is no way to tell how often they are checked. The best way to gauge this is to test them while you are there as if it is your own Home. For example, check the locks work correctly, test the smoke alarms and bring a portable carbon monoxide detector to test for leaks.

Be Aware that there May be Cameras 

Cameras in a property are concerning because you don’t know who is watching and what they might do with the footage. Services like Airbnb have strict policies on cameras in rental properties. For example, they only allow them to be placed as security devices in non-private areas. Today, about 1% or 60,000 listings on Airbnb, include a surveillance camera. Hidden cameras are often placed in electrical outlets and on electronic devices like clocks and lights.


Looking at images and reading reviews is a valuable way of checking out a place when booking your own accommodation for holiday. It is also not paranoid to check for hidden cameras in a private booking. And make sure the listing offers everything you will need while on holiday.

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