About Me

Hello, my name is Lilla. I’m a Harry Potter reading, Mean Girl loving 32 year old girl, living in Brighton, well Hove actually. My blog, LillaLoves, is a hobby blog that features fashion, beauty, lifestyle and my comings and goings around Brighton. I treat it somewhat like a diary in some ways, making myself promises that I have to stick to for the sake of my readers. But it helps me push myself, and I hope it helps people with similar hopes push themselves too, because I am a pusher, I push people (Did I mention I love Mean Girls?)


PR Samples/Gifts:¬†I’ve been blogging for over eight years now and as a result I am fortunate enough to receive PR samples and gifts from brands. Samples/gifts will always be stated as such, but most products featured will have been bought with my hard earned earth pounds.

I truly aim to give you clear and honest insight into the products I use and will only mention products if I like them, as I would never want anyone to waste their pennies on something I wouldn’t buy myself (and the blog is obviously about things I LOVE too). Even if an item has been given to me it will only ever make an appearance on the blog if I actually use it and would want to repurchase that item/think it would be helpful to you and, in the aim of transparency, it will always be marked with a “*”and “PR Sample/Gifted” at the end.

Sponsored Content:¬†Sponsored posts may occasionally appear on Lilla Loves, however these will always be clearly marked, again with a”*” and “Sponsored Post” at the end. This is a real rarity and all posts will remain relevant, honest and be written by me, containing my own opinions unless stated otherwise.With all sponsored content, I will only ever accept a brief that I feel fit with Lilla Loves, and will never review something for the sake of it, no matter how much money is on the table.

If you are interested in sending me a PR sample or gift, or would like to work on some sponsored content with me, please contact me here.


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