FOOD | The week in which I totally failed #WeighInWednesday

Start Weight: 13st 10lbs Week 1 Weight: 13st 8lbs Total Lost: -2lbs I am really disappointed in myself this week and am ashamed to say I have put on 2lbs. I reverted back to my old habits of comfort eating,…


LIFESTYLE | Slimming World #WeighInWednesday #1

Start Weight: 13st 10lbs Week 1 Weight: 13st 6lbs Total Lost: -4lbs I have completed my first week of Slimming World! Woop woop! It’s been easy, I was NEVER hungry and I’ve actually really enjoyed what I am eating. What’s…


FOOD | Starting Slimming World #WeighInWednesday

I can almost hear some of my regular readers groaning and thinking to themselves, NOT ANOTHER ATTEMPT AT DIETING. After successfully losing a large chunk of weight a few years ago on Weight Watcher, I managed to maintain my weightt…


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