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Face Washing
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Every day you wash your face, but is it possible that you might be making a mistake every time? While it’s a fundamental activity, washing your face isn’t error-proof. Here are the mistakes to avoid the next time you’re at the sink.

Harsh Facial Wash

For those who have oily skin, a frequent misconception is that using a strong cleanser on it is best to cut through the oil and grime. However, that’s not the best option.

In fact, a harsh cleanser can irritate the skin, no matter the skin type. Plus, if the oily skin is stripped of the oil by washing the face, it’s only going to reproduce it.

Thus, it’s best to try a gentle one on an oily complexion, which can remove excess oil without drying out pores.

Use Different Water Temperatures

You might have heard that changing water temperatures can be helpful, but that’s not true. When washing your face, hot water is drying for the skin, and cold water shocks the skin.

Thus, it’s best to choose a lukewarm temperature when cleansing in your bathroom, both in the morning and evening. Don’t fluctuate from that.

Washing Only Once

If you use a face wash at the end of the day to wipe away makeup, serums, and other products you’ve applied to the skin, then you might think that the one-time cleanse is adequate. But think about all the things on your skin.

That’s a lot to remove with a single wash! So, turning the lukewarm water back on and washing your face a second time to remove all the dirt and product.

Grabbing a Cleanser Based on the Packaging

If you pick your cleanser only based on the way the package looks, it’s time to think again. While it’s nice to have an attractive-looking bottle or tube, it’s best to look at the ingredient list first and foremost.

Check for chemicals in the product, for example, to ensure there’s nothing you’re allergic to in it. Also, fragrance in a cleanser can be harsh on the skin. It’s worth looking more at this website to find the best skincare solutions for you.

Not Washing Your Hands

Given all the different things you touch during the day, it’s important to wash your hands before washing your face. Otherwise, you risk transferring germs from your hands to your facial skin.

If you don’t want dirt on your face, then don’t skip washing your hands well before using a facial cleanser. It only takes a minute to suds up your hands.

Rubbing with a Towel

After carefully washing your face with clean hands, you want to dry the face. But if you’re rubbing with a towel, you’ve just made a big error.

This rough action can irritate the skin. Facial skin is thin, which makes it fragile. So, gently pat the skin dry with a towel instead of rubbing it.

Learning from the Mistakes Above

Finding out what you’ve been doing wrong can be shocking, but it’s more valuable to keep in mind that now you can have a more effective skincare routine. Washing your face properly can help you to maintain clear skin and a glowing complexion.

Love Lilla xx

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