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It’s been a long year of lockdown, and a lot of us learnt new hobbies or attempted too (sorry Crochet, it’s me not you). I for one became uncharacteristically green fingered after spending years being a known plant killer! Not only have we picked up new skills, for many, these have become money making hobbies or businesses in their own right.

Is your new skill one of the money making hobbies


Money making Hobbies Baking
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I’m going to start with the obvious one, baking! Hand’s up if you remember the Banana bread phase. That’s as far as I got, I made one Banana bread and gave up. But plenty of people carried on, perfecting their new interest. Whether they’re baking bread, selling brownie boxes or grazing plates, there are a lot of new food related business’s in my area (and they’re delicious).

Before you can start any food related business, you will need to research the food health and safety requirements in your area.


Money making hobbies Macrame
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Macrame is a craft that uses braiding and knotting techniques to make different designs and textures. It’s often used to create wall hangings, hanging plant pot holders and even lampshades. Popular with Boho-chic interior design trends, they’re a great option for selling on Etsy or Not On The Highstreet.

I can imagine Macrame being very cathartic and therapeutic to do – it’s up next on my ‘Things to Learn’ list!

House Plants

Money Making Hobbies House Plants
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On to my specialty! I started of being unable to keep a plant alive, to then having an impulse to buy all the plants that I ever saw. Then House Plant TikTok taught me about propagation; this is the ability to grow new plants from the leaves or stems of an existing plant. The flat is filled with Succulent leaves starting to root. Mini Spider Plants and Tradescantia at varying stages of growth. I managed to sell some of my babies at my local jumble trail.

Candle making

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Another craft that I’ve been learning is candle making. I love candles – molded, scented, pillar, or spell candles, I burn them all. Candle making is not a quick craft. If you’re making more than one candle, the wax can take an age to melt, but it is fun to play about with colour and scent.

Cricut Crafting

Cricut is by far the most diverse craft. Cricutâ„¢ ‘helps you cut and create personalised quality projects with ease’. You can cut materials like leather, vinyl and paper to create a variety of projects. Used to create Iron Patterns for fabric, to create customised make up bags, or labels for jars – the only limit is your imagination.

Simply create your design either from scratch or using free svg files for cricut and you could be the queen of custom crafts!

What was your lockdown hobby?

Love Lilla xx


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