How To Dress For Your Personality In The Workplace

It’s important to dress for you but when it comes to the workplace, there might be limitations. Depending on what type of job you do and the rules surrounding the workplace dress code, you might have a few limits on what you can wear.

However, it’s not something that needs to dampen your style. You can always dress for your personality even when limited on the options. Here are some helpful tips for dressing for your personality in the workplace this year.

Dress For Your Personality In The Workplace

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Be aware of the workplace policy dress code

It’s important to be aware of the workplace policy dress code because every business will have one. If your workplace doesn’t have a dress code policy, certain outfits and items of clothing might be met with a surprised look and perhaps a visit to HR.

It’s good in this case, to speak to your manager about what is deemed appropriate. Ask if any items of clothing that should be avoided in general. The type of company you work for will determine what type of dress code they’ll have in place. For example, corporate companies are likely to wear more formal wear, whereas creative businesses will likely be more relaxed.

Be wary of piercings as well as these might be considered a safety risk. This could mean they need covering up or removing. From a tragus piercing to tongue piercings, make sure you check these with your supervisor.

Find pieces that fit and flatter your shape

When it comes to finding outfits that work for you and your personality, it’s a good idea to know what your body type is. Your body type is going to be different to others and it can also change over time.

Finding your body shape and identifying what shape you are is going to ensure you find the right pieces that not only fit but are flattering too.

Perfect the balance

When it comes to dressing for your personality, it’s all about perfecting the balance between style and personality. While you want to dress in something that shows who you are off, it’s also good to tailor your looks to trending garments and styles that are popular.

You also need to find outfits that are comfortable enough to wear in the workplace and aren’t going to be a safety problem. 

Add a pop of colour

Colour is always a great way to show off your personality. It can be a great way of making your outfits different day by day. Look at what pops of colour you could add to your outfits each day. Consider choosing your favourite colour to reflect your personality.

Trust your feelings 

Finally, be sure to trust your feelings when you’re dressing for your personality in the workplace. If something doesn’t feel right, then you might want to go for something different or switch up a part of the outfit until you find something that feels more comfortable.

These tips are a great way to dress for your personality if you’re struggling to know what to do when it comes to the workplace. 

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