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I’ve never been much of a lip girl, I’m more of a strong eye plain lip person. Avoiding even tinted lip balm for fear of ending up looking like a kid who’s just eaten a melting ice lolly. I rarely wear lipstick and gloss makes me feel uncomfortable. Instead, I carry round my trusty carmex, and slap that on when my lips need it.

I love Carmex, it’s wonderful and I’ve been using it religiously for years, there is a pot in every hand bag I own and all over my house. The cats have even kindly hidden some under the sofa for me should I ever be at a loose end. My love of Carmex has also rubbed off on my sister and a few of her friends.The only problem with just using Carmex is that sometimes it just doesn’t complete my look, my lips can look really pale and plain.

I recently came across Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia. At first I was sceptical, worried that the colour would be too bright, and would bleed. I also find that other lip balms still leave my lips dry. After trying it I was very ecstatic with the results.

tinted lip balmBurt's Bee tinted lip balm

My lips are not dry and feel great just like when I use Carmex, also the colour is lovely, it is definitely a tint, rather than a bold statement and is a great addition to casual day make up. look, just giving a bit of a natural enhancement. At £5.99 it think it is a steal!


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Love Lilla xx

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