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plum hairTime for a change

I’m in need of a change. I’m bored of my dip dye – it looks tired, dry and brassy. I feel like I need something more wintery, so I’ve decided to go for a purple/plum hair colour. I also find that darker shades tend to look more glossy on me.

Why I chose Plum hair

I’ve been this colour before, I love how this colour looks on me, it really suit my complexion and brings out the green in my eyes.

It’s a beautiful rich colour which is also multi-tonal, making it shiny and even prettier in the light. I also like that leans to a more edgier colour, while still being less outrageous than say a bright pink.

Although, there is a downside to having any purple toned hair. It is very high maintenance – with a tendency to fade very quickly. There are ways to prolong colour – like using colour friendly shampoos, conditioners and styling products. As well as seeing if you can find a pigment to put in your conditioner to refresh the colour between trips to the salon. This will also keep your hair healthier than if you were to dye it regularly.


I’ve been planning this for a while and have been on Pinterest creating a board to decide on my shade! Here are some of the colours that I have been looking at. I like that they are leaning more to a red, than a blue undertone.

There are also available human hair extensions for sale online, and are in colour variations you would love, check them at Being able to easily match hair extensions to this colour makes it easy to switch up my hair style, without needing to dry all the extensions, myself.

What are your winter hair colours?

Love Lilla xx

Love Lilla xx

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