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Photo by Lina Kivaka from Pexels

Making a house feel like a home can be tricky. You have probably gone through all the steps. Look into insurance, look at property, then buy property, move into said property. Then all of a sudden it’s time that you need to start thinking about how it can feel like home. 

We may go away on holiday and stay in a villa and end up falling totally in love with it. That may be because it made us feel like home, or its personal touches or because it was beautifully decorated. So how do we make our homes feel more like our space?

It can be as easy as laying new carpets, buying furniture, adding a lick of paint or changing the garden. You could add an extension but there are often small changes that will leave it feel more like your space.

Perhaps it’s getting rid of the lingering aromas of animals from previous owners. Or that they have left their own mark with certain personal touches that you want to get rid of. 

Where To Begin

  • Make the windows special from the outside. Change them if you can to show ornaments of flowers. Something you can see from the outside, so when you arrive home you can look at the windows and smile. 
  • Put up art work – bring your walls to life and stops things from being too echo-y. It will improve acoustics as well as looking great. Add family art work too so it really does feel like your place.
  • Improve the scents – add oil burners or diffusers and start to incorporate your own smells.
  • Put out pillows, cushions and make it cosy. This will add warmth and a homely touch, getting you ready to escape the hustle and bustle of life.
  • Change up your closet and bedroom – your bedroom is your personal sanctuary. Whether it’s a new closet space, new mirrors or perhaps new lighting, changing your bedroom is going to make a huge difference.
  • Improve the air quality – this can be done with diffusers and humidifiers, or with air purifying plants. This can make things less dry, which can cause coughs. It will enhance your home too and make it feel a more cosier and comforting space. 
  • Fill it with plants and flowers – this can really help because it brings the outdoors indoors. Using colourful plants can really add to the ambience of a house. Be sure to add some in pots and look after them too of course, as dying plants never look attractive! 
  • Change the doorknobs. This is important because it is like putting your own stamp on the house.

It doesn’t have to be costly as lots of thrift stores have plenty of little things to use around the house and it doesn’t have to break the bank. You can make your own artwork now, even if you’re not very good, avante garde is still in fashion! The most important thing however is to keep the space calm and happy. The more memories you make in the house, laughing with friends and family and cooking good food, the more you will start to feel like the house is yours and you will certainly not worry about the previous owners anymore. 

Buying a new house is a huge step and it can take years to find the right one and the proceeds itself is difficult and stressful so when you do finally get your new home you want to ensure that it is the right space and that the energies are good and you feel brilliant about it.

Love Lilla xx

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