Preparing for Life on the Coast in Winter

Life on the Coast in Winter

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Life on the coast in winter is almost the same as anywhere else but comes with some unique challenges. Coastal towns become quieter out of season, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. From getting some outdoor gear to learning how to survive, here are some handy tips.

Keep Your Home Maintained

Home maintenance is essential no matter where you live. But it can be more vital to live near the sea. Living near the sea means your property is exposed to rougher elements than most. Needing a roof repair during harsh winter storms is no laughing matter. Simple home maintenance tasks such as checking the tiles of your roof, unclogging the gutters and checking plumbing and electricals will help minimise some of the worst things that can possibly happen.

Invest in the Right Outdoor Gear

It is almost a privilege to live near water, such as the sea, ocean or even large lakes. While it can get very sunny, the weather around bodies of water becomes unpredictable very quickly. Storms are more prevalent, and flooding is always a risk. Winds and temperature drops are also common. Then there are annoyances like sea spray and sand. The right outdoor gear, such as hard-wearing coats, reliable boots, hats, and gloves, are highly recommended on the coast.

Get Cosy for Life on the Coast in Winter

A cosy home can make the difference between enjoying winter on the coast or having the most miserable time. Beaches like Brighton are a good example. While visiting Brighton is popular, with over 9 million visitors per year, it’s not always sunny and glamorous. Out of season, it gets chilly and grey, much like the rest of the UK. Being cosy will help alleviate the winter blues on the coast. Viewing the sea with cushions, throws, and blankets is a privileged, cosy experience.

Learn Some Survival Tips For Life on the Coast in Winter

Things can go very wrong when out on the coast of the UK or anywhere else for that matter. Some places don’t get heat all year round, but that shouldn’t stop you from visiting the sea and ocean beaches. However, surviving when things go wrong is critical. Learn what temperature is best for you and avoid going out if it is too low. Layer up your clothing to help keep heat in and minimise the impact of wind. And always try to stay as dry as possible when venturing out.

Prepare Yourself for the Worst

The winter weather can become highly concerning, so it’s vital you keep an eye on it and prepare yourself. All weather apps, channels and websites offer real-time weather updates. Using these, you can keep an eye on storm warnings and make plans in case of an emergency. As we have seen over the past few years, flooding is becoming more prevalent across many coastal areas. Ensure you have supplies and know what to do if you need to evacuate.


A well-maintained home helps with life on the coast in winter. Enjoying sea and ocean views in comfort enables you to appreciate the privilege when you can’t leave home. It also helps to understand and prepare for emergency situations in case of flooding, storms, and evacuation.

Love Lilla xx

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