3 Dos And Don’ts Of Styling Your Living Room

Your living room can be the heart of your home, depending on how you style it. This part of your home usually sees a lot of activity, from entertaining guests to unwinding after a long day out. That makes it essential to know how to style it right to enhance comfort and functionality. Even though UK living rooms have shrunk by a third, there is no limitation on decor ideas. It all begins by knowing what to do and what to avoid. Below are some do’s and don’ts to consider. 

  1. Prioritise comfort without compromising style
 Styling Your Living Room

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Sacrificing comfort for style may not always be beneficial. For example, although you may want your furniture to be stylish, it must also be comfortable to sit on. Therefore, consider opting for plush cushions to enhance comfort and improve the appeal of this space. Remember that soft, upholstery fabrics are excellent for supportive seating, especially where your back is concerned. The perfect couch or sofa should embrace your spine fully and not rise only midway at your back to cause discomfort. The sofa must be something you can sink in and get lost in your thoughts.

  1. Don’t overcrowd your living room with too much furniture

As you consider comfort, remember there is a temptation to flood the space with furniture. However, this can take away from the living room’s overall appeal. Remember that living room sizes in the UK have been reducing over the years, and excessive furniture can create a cluttered appearance. It will be best to opt for a balanced layout that enhances easy traffic flow and emphasises open space. 

  1. Incorporate stylish storage solutions into your living room

Storage ensures that your home is clean and organised. It’s even more important to have these elements in your living room to serve a practical purpose. Incorporate stylish storage solutions in this space to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. Storage solutions like built-in shelves, chic ottomans, and decorative baskets bring life to your living room while serving a dual purpose. When it comes to the entertainment centre in your living room, consider investing in TV cabinets or media consoles that offer ample storage for your accessories. The exciting thing about these multi-functional consoles is that they are designed to complement your existing decor style. Many of these designs have versatile themes that blend seamlessly in your room.

  1. Don’t overlook the importance of concealed storage

Open shelving has been a living room design rave for many years, but it has its negatives if not appropriately incorporated. It can create a cluttered look in your living room, especially on your walls, and take away from the overall theme of your loved space. A concealed storage solution will be ideal as it maintains a clutter-free environment. 

  1. Infuse your style through accessories and decor

While styling your living room, you have the opportunity to explore your creativity and decorate according to your preferences. You can do this using accessories that come in different themes, allowing you to infuse your personal style. Personal touches can include artwork, family photos, decorative throw pillows, or souvenirs from previous travels. You can add area rugs to reflect your unique interests. That is when you can also experiment with colours, and textures to create a layered design space.

  1. Avoid cluttered accents
 Styling Your Living Room

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The temptation to go overboard with your personal style is extremely high. It is one thing to love a particular style theme, and it’s another to incorporate too many elements that create cluttered accents. Remember that moderation is key here, so select a few statement pieces without overwhelming the space.

Styling your living room is a creative process, so try to put in some effort to reflect your lifestyle.

Love Lilla xx

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