It’s verdict time on the Wella Systems Professional Energy Code. If you want to see what I am talking about – my first post on my salon experience is here. After taking the products home, it was time for me to take the lead and follow my hair plan. The aim was to improve my scalp and condition of my hair. 

Personally, I didn’t get on with the shampoo – it made my hair feel funny when and after I washed it. With no conditioner to follow it, I felt like it left my hair dryer and more frizzy, despite it being a smoothing shampoo.

However, when it comes to the Balance Mask, I was very surprised – I applied this once a week, to avoid making my hair too greasy. Usually, masks leave my hair feeling heavy and makes it go greasy very quickly but this was not the case. My hair felt soft and was actually shiny, which is very rare for my hair. It left it more manageable too.

Finally, we come to the scalp treatments – Alpha Energy and Energy Smoothing System – I have used these together so it is hard to tell if one is more effective than the other, or if the combination is some sort of magic. My scalp is reborn – there is very little irritation now – normally it comes on the last day before I was it, whereas before I would constantly have dry and flaking areas (despite years of trying to manage it – although it is not as bad as when I was a teenager). Not only that but I have noticed less hair dropping out and healthier hair. I have even had a few comments about how much thicker my hair looks! Which is remarkable.

Overall, I do rate the SP Energy code system – I think I will go back and have a consultation once I am back from holidays in August, as the heat really takes it out of my hair – it will be interesting to see how my Energy Code changes.

I was provided the products and salon treatment for free in return for an honest review on the Wella Systems Professional Emergy Code Products. This has in no way influenced what I have said in this blog post.

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