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What is Systems Professional?

Systems Professional has long been known as the industry leader in the science behind great hair. Having teamed up with top stylists at Wella, they have found the key to unlocking the secret to re-energizing and transforming hair.

During their research, they discovered that everyone has their own hair energy profile – it’s as unique as a fingerprint. Finding your ENERGYCODE™ COMPLEX can completely transform your hair.

This major leap forward in the science of hair care has informed the creation of innovative and new System Professional in-salon treatments and at-home product range with ENERGYCODE™ COMPLEX

The Consultation

Hair is as unique as a person’s fingerprint. Defined by structure, texture and scalp.

New System Professional treatment and product range with ENERGYCODE™ COMPLEX are designed to address your personal hair requirements offering a personalised treatment tailored to your individual hair structure, hair texture and scalp. 

The first step towards restoring “Hair Energy” is to diagnose your unique hair energy profile, your ENERGYCODE™, using System Professional’s new hair energy mapping in the salon or online. System Professional experts have developed special hair energy mapping diagnostic tools, a handheld microscope and in-salon app for use by hair care consultants in the salon and a self-assessment tool on the website for an initial diagnosis at home. 

Once a hair energy profile has been diagnosed, a personalised system of new System Professional treatment and products with ENERGYCODE™ COMPLEX can be prescribed, out of over 100,000 possible care combinations.

The Products

My energy code was S1,B3,B4, X5A – This means that I am using the Smoothing shampoo (S1), the Balance Mask (B3), Balance Energy System (B4) and the Alpha Energy (X5A).

The consultation recognised what I would call my three trouble hair areas.

  1.  The Frizz – I would love to be able to wear my natural waves more often, but frizz prevents this. This is where the Smoothing Shampoo comes in.
  2. Dry Scalp – My Scalp has long been a massive pain. I have suffered from dry itchy scalp since I was a child. The only way to manage it was to avoid product with Parabens and Sulphates, but that never fully stopped my dry scalp. The Balance Mask, helps to  rejuvenate my scalp, helping to hydrate the dry skin.This leads me on to the final issue…
  3. Hair Loss – My hair has reduced in thickness so much over the years. While a certain amount of this can be attributed to my misguided home bleaching in my early 20s, my dry scalp has not helped the matter. The Balance Energy System and the Alpha Energy product help to improve the scalp, nourish the hairs structure and increase anchorage so that you lose less hair.

Initial thoughts

After my initial appointment, my hair felt amazingly soft, was bouncy and full of volume that I can’t achieve usually. Also, despite having no colour treatment, it seems to have taken the red tones out of my hair, leaving a lovely cool brown colour.

Have you had a Energy Code consultation?

Photography by Pippa Wilson for System Professional

With special thanks to System Professional team

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