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Stress Free Travel Tips
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Sadly, our heatwave could never last forever. Now that the skies are grey, I might see if I can book a cheeky last minute holiday. If you haven’t already booked a holiday, it could be time to think of it! Here are my top tips for easy, stress free travel.

Case made

I always recommend using wheeled holdalls, whether just for hand luggage or as your main piece it makes life so much simpler. No heavy lifting, easy to move and keeps your hands more free than if you have to carry a case. On top of that they usually have easy to access pockets, so you can store all your important documents. If you are using these as cabin luggage, and have a handbag that you won’t to carry (or won’t fit in the case) then buy something in duty free and ask for a bag big enough to carry your bag/items in – that way they won’t say that you are over the limit and make you put your case in the hold.

Be Prepared

You know that you’re going to go through security anytime you get on a plane. Make this as easy as possible by preparing for this when you pack your bags and get ready. Firstly don’t wear any unnecessary items that you’re going to have to take off – like jewellery, belts, keys and jackets.

Also if you’ve packed any electronical items – ensure they are easy to get to and turned off, so you can easily put them through the x-ray machine. And, I’m sure I don’t have to remind you to pre-sort out your liquids if they are going into your cabin bag. Pop them in a sandwich bag and transfer them into the airport approved bag.

Get Lounging

Whether you’re a solo traveller, or off away with a group, I cannot recommend booking into an airport lounge enough. If you aren’t a BA or equivalent member, then don’t worry – you can book in from £15 per an adult with Holiday Extras.

What are the benefits? Well you can relax in a comfy chair for up to 3 hours before your flight, while enjoying complimentary drinks, snacks, magazines and newspapers. As well as free entertainment facilities, TV and free WiFi.

Plane Pamper

Not a great flier? Me neither, but what I find really helps is to make myself as relaxed as I can be. I try to pack some mini pamper, relaxation/comfort items. For one, I now always take one of those neck pillows, if I do fall asleep, I don’t get a crick in my neck. More recently, I’ve added a hydration sheet mask, moisturiser and lip balm to my cabin bag to insure that the flight doesn’t wreak havoc on my skin. Other essentials include some sort of roll on essential oil (to mask the smell of plane food) as well as something to listen to, be it Netflix, a playlist, podcast or some sort of meditation/sleep app like Calm.

Dress for comfort

I know I’m not the only one who has noticed a push for airport fashion or travel wear. Frankly why can’t we be both comfortable and fabulous? With a focus on comfy co-ords and more relaxed styling, travelling in style no longer has to compromise on comfort.

What are your top tips for a stress free travel experience?

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