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Attending weddings can be a lot of work. Your guests will likely have travelled from very far away, they’re probably going to be tired throughout the day and they’ll be active and on their feet for a lot of it. Although they’re probably having a blast the entire time, there are plenty of small things that you can do as a host (or wedding planner!) to help your guests feel more at home and comfortable at the venue.

So below, we’ve created a small list of things that you can do to make your guests more comfortable. Consider this a small part of your wedding to-do list to consider after you’ve finished planning!

How to plan a comfortable wedding for everyone

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1. Add signage around the venue to help guide your guests around

A large venue can be difficult to find your way around, especially if it’s also being used as a hotel. Make sure your guests don’t wander somewhere they’re not supposed to be by adding signage around the venue to guide them around.

2. If the venue is large, consider adding some luxury portable toilets

If your venue is rather large then there’s no doubt going to be plenty of toilets around the main building. However, if you’re going to be making use of a large field or park, then you want to consider adding some outdoor toilets too. Consider an event toilet hire service that is open to weddings. These luxury toilets aren’t the basic portable toilets that you see in construction yards. They’re much bigger, cleaner and ultimately a better experience for your guests.

3. Have a small bag of refreshments for when your guests come and leave

A bag of refreshments is an excellent little gift to give all of your guests as they come and leave. You can include small fans, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray, an extra pair of socks, facial wipes, hand wipes or even sandals so they don’t have to walk around in uncomfortable shoes all day. There are plenty of things you can add to make your guests more comfortable.

4. Make a personalised farewell card for all of your guests

A personalized farewell card is a nice little item to put in your wedding farewell bags. The card can include a personal thank you message, but also give your guests information on how to get back or if they need to stay at a nearby hotel. A farewell card can also express your thanks to your guests for coming. There are lots of things you can add and show a personal message to each and every one of your guests will make them feel appreciated.

5. Consider handing out parasols

If you’re having your wedding in the summer heat then you’ll want to give your guests parasols to keep the sun away. If you’re having an outdoor wedding then you’ll usually accompany it with tents, but if that’s not an option then offering parasol is the next best thing. They can also be used throughout the day if you have a lot of things going on outside of the venue.

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