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Making Your Home Perfect for Guests

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Do you worry about how to host guests?

When you’re having people over you want to be the best host you can be. This is understandable. You’re inviting people into your space and want them to have the best time possible. You want them to be comfortable in the surroundings you’re providing them with. Now, some people are natural hosts and things seem to slot together seamlessly. But the truth is that a fair amount of work goes into being a good host and holding a good evening or event, no matter how effortless anyone makes it. Here are just a few areas you should focus on to make your home as comfortable for guests as possible!


If your guests are staying for a full day or longer, you’re going to have to make sure that they can dine comfortably in your home. Whether you get takeaway or host a dinner party, there are certain steps that you’ll have to take in regards to dining to make sure that everyone’s needs are met. Here are just a few.

Take Dietary Requirements and Preferences into Account

When it comes to food, it is absolutely essential that you take all of your guests’ dietary requirements and preferences into account. Some of your guests may have allergies. Some of your guests may have ethical stances on food and follow pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan diets. Some of your guests may have allergies to foods such as nuts. Some of your guests may have intolerances, such as gluten intolerance or lactose intolerance. Some of your guests may have religious requirements, such as only eating halal meat, or not combining meat and dairy. This may all seem like a lot to take into account. But the simplest thing to do is simply ask your guests what their requirements and preferences are and then simply ask further questions if you’re in doubt about anything.

Have Sufficient Cups, Plates, Cutlery, etc.

A problem that people often find themselves having when it comes to feeding multiple guests is that they do not have sufficient cups, plates, bowls, cutlery and other essentials you may need if you’re serving food and drinks. This is because we tend to only require small quantities of these ourselves. When more people pull up to the table, things quickly run short. Plus, this is an area we don’t tend to notice until we’re literally serving the food up. So, be organised and make sure you have enough of these things to ensure everyone can eat and drink at once, rather than people waiting for others to finish and for plates, etc to free up. If you want to make this as simple as possible, you could use disposable paper plates. But for more significant occasions, investing in extras tends to be worth it!

Set the Table

For casual occasions, everyone sitting at the table as usual will probably be fine. But if you’re celebrating something formal or significant, you may want to lay up the table properly. Invest in hotel standard tablecloths by Richard Haworth. Consider table runners. Fold napkins elegantly. Lay out cutlery properly. You can even consider table decorations or a centrepiece if you want to go all out.


Sometimes, seeing your family or friends will be entertainment in itself. You’ll catch up and regale each other with what you’ve been up to. But if you’re having a larger scale event or evening, you may want to provide some sort of entertainment that will keep people’s minds occupied and create fond memories. Music, puzzles and games, quizzes… the list goes on. You will have to scope out a space for this kind of entertainment though. You can dedicate different rooms to different activities. A room for people who just want to chat. A room for people who want to sing and dance. A space for people who might want to play a game. This will help people to scope out the area that best suits their preferences and where they’ll have the best time possible.

Sleeping Arrangements

If you have guests from out of town visiting, or if you’re simply having a friend over and things get a little late, it’s a good idea to have a space where these people can stay and rest for the night. Now, not every home will have the space to do this. But if you do, it’s a good idea to preplan sleeping arrangements so you have everything that your guests could possibly need.

Making Up the Sofa

If you don’t have a spare room, your guests will usually be fine staying on the sofa. Of course, elderly individuals or people with disabilities may not be able to do this. But for others, you can simply make up a bed on the sofa. Lay out a pillow and a duvet that they can wrap up in.

Arranging a Guest Room

If you have a spare room or guest room, you’re in the perfect place to have guests stay. Again, you will want to make this space up to be as comfortable as possible. Make sure that there is fresh bedding on the bed and that there’s somewhere your guests can hang their clothes. You may also want to invest in good quality curtains or blinds so that light can be effectively blocked out, giving your guests a great night’s rest!

These, of course, are just a few different areas that you might want to focus on if you’re planning on having guests over and want them to have the best time possible. While it may seem quite formal, the steps make all the difference and will ensure that everyone is comfortable and happy during their time in your home!

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