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The winter time can be tough for those of us in the UK. It gets pretty cold and damp, and even if it doesn’t snow, the temperatures outside will still drop! But with energy bills soaring and energy blackouts set to occur this year, keeping the heating on throughout the winter period may not be possible. 

You can turn it on during the deepest nights when it’s freezing outside, of course, but the autumn might have to be a bit more chilly for your household. And to help you guard against that, we’ve listed below some ideas to keep your home warm without needing to touch the thermostat. 

Keep your home warm

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Block Out Draughts in All Areas

Draughts can occur in all kinds of places, but most noticeably under and above doors. Make sure your doors fit and hang well before you do anything else, and then get draught excluders to place in every room.

And don’t forget about the attic here. Sure, there’s a lot of insulation up there, but there could also be a small hole or two. One small hole in the roof can mean a lot of cold weather moving into your home, so get up there to investigate and see if anything needs patching up. 

Install Some Hefty Window Coverings To Keep Your Home Warm

The windows can let a lot of cold in, even when they’re closed. Condensation, for example, can penetrate pretty deep and turn your rooms just that bit more chilly. But if you have some hefty window coverings set up, you’ll be able to beat these conditions this year. 

The Best outdoor blinds tend to be the way to go here. You can set these up around north facing windows in the garden that receive the most cool shade, and keep all the heat in from the sun shining on the front of your house. 

Place More Soft Furnishings Around

Soft furnishings always bring more warmth to our homes. They heat up faster than smooth surfaces like wood and tile, and having a rug to dig your toes into in the morning is key to feeling cosy! 

So place more cushions, rugs, and blankets over your floors and furniture. If there’s something always to snuggle into, no matter where you are in the house, you can quickly heat up without having to move too much. 

Don’t Put the Thermostat Up Too High

You’re going to need to use the heating at some points – there’s no doubt about that. And you should be able to, even if you’re worried about how it might affect your budget. Nothing works like central heating, after all. 

But when you put the heating on, turn down the thermostat a dial or two. Most winter homes can get away with being 18 degrees inside, and that could save you hundreds of pennies over the course of the winter. 

If you’re worried about heating costs this year, use these other ways to keep your household warm. They could make all the difference. 

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