Shapewear swimsuits: Are they a new trend?

Fashion and its trends are constantly evolving and they happen not only because of advances in technology, but also how consumers change as well as society and its norms are changing. 

There’s one trend that is slowly becoming more and more popular and it is the use of a shaper swimsuit. They combine functionality and the style of shapewear and swimwear.

They are innovative garments that provide style and support and are changing the way we see beachwear. It’s important to know why these garments have become so popular, why and how they came about, the benefits, as well as the impact they have. 

Shapewear Swimsuits

The origin of shapewear swimsuits 

The concept of shapewear swimsuits can be traced back to when people started demanding swimwear that not only looks good but will also provide support and boost confidence, the way a v-neck thong bodysuit can also do. 

Obviously, transitional swimwear doesn’t have sculpting and shaping properties like shapewear does. This leads consumers to look for alternatives that will offer them functionality and style. 

This growing demand made brands develop shapewear swimsuits that combine the benefits of shapewear with the amazing aesthetics of swimwear that will enhance the body features and help you feel less vulnerable at the beach or the pool. 

What benefits do shapewear swimsuits have to offer?

These swimsuits offer a wide range of benefits that are appealing for people who are looking for functionality and style included in their shapewear. They will provide enhanced support and shaping, smoothing, and contouring of the body. This becomes interesting for those who want to feel comfortable and confident while they are at the beach or the pool. 

Besides they usually have design elements that are innovative like tummy control panels, built-in bras, or adjustable straps like sustainable shapewear also has, offering a fit that is customized and that flatters the different body types that exist. 


How fashion and functionality intersect 

When we see shapewear swimsuits, we also see how they can blend fashion and functionality seamlessly. They are pieces that have been designed to be seen and make a bold statement while you get shaping and support benefits.   

This approach has a dual purpose calling the attention of consumers who are looking to prioritize comfort and style when they are looking for swimwear. This will allow them to feel and look their best when at the beach or the pool. 

Versatility and variety 

If there’s another factor that has been a great contribution to the rise in popularity of shapewear swimsuits is the versatility and variety of the styles that consumers can find on the market. For example, we could find one-piece swimsuits that have strategic cutouts, or in other cases, high-waisted bikinis that have built-in control panels. 

There’s definitively going to be a shapewear swimsuit that will suit every body shape and of course, every taste. We know not everyone is open to using bikinis because of their insecurities and will choose one-pieces. But also, one-pieces are becoming quite popular for all body shapes and sizes.  

Shapewear Swimsuits

With this diversity, people will be able to find a piece that meets their preferences and needs, getting extra support, maximum coverage, and a design that will flatter their figures while still being stylish and trendy. 

How swimwear empowers?

The appearance of shapewear swimsuits and their rise in popularity reflects that there has been a cultural shift when it comes to self-acceptance and body positivity. When brands provide figure-flattering and supportive options, while celebrating the diversity of body types, they will empower people to embrace their body and their natural curves and feel confident too.

Love Lilla xx

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