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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Competition | Win culinary masterclass with celebrated Spanish chef Omar Allibhoy

Next week I am attending a Spanish Cooking course with the acclaimed Omar Allibhoy, and now you can too.
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Details of prize:

Olive It, are giving winners the chance to bag places on an exclusive culinary masterclass with celebrated Spanish chef Omar Allibhoy. Hailed by Gordon Ramsay as the “Antonio Banderas of cooking”, he will host an exclusive hands-on cookery tuition session teaching a variety of tapas inspired recipes using everyone’s favourite Mediterranean ingredient… table olives!

Winners will learn how to use the mouth-watering flavours of olives to add a twist to everyday dishes at infamous, culinary hotspot, The Brighton Cookery School, just a short stroll from the pier. 

The bespoke class will take place on Friday 1st July either for a lunchtime or evening session with guests cooking up a variety of exciting dishes before sitting down to enjoy sampling a mouth-watering feast accompanied by carefully selected wines.

 To keep up to date with the Olive it! campaign visit or follow on Twitter @OliveIt_UK, Facebook @OliveItUK or Pinterest @OliveItUK.

 Details of how the prize is claimed:

The winner will need to be available either at lunchtime or in the evening on Friday 1st July and able to attend The Brighton Cookery School 63/64 St Georges road, Brighton, UK BN2 1E. All winners will be contacted to book them into the course of their preference.

Good Luck!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Lifestyle | Are you holiday ready? #HolidayHype

I may not be the biggest jet setter, but I do try to go away at least once a year - whether it's a City break, staycation or something a bit more. I am 'THAT' person, who is aways really excited well in advance. Which I guess is why I was surprised to discover that in a recent You Gov poll by Europa Pharmacy found that only 31% of people get excited when packing.

Possibly even more surprising is that 1 in 3 women worry about their weight every day they are away. Despite not being completely happy with my weight, when I go on holiday I want to be able to forget about all my usual stresses and enjoy myself.

I guess part of the reason that I get so excited is that I have some pre-holiday rituals that get me in the mood, they are:

The Researching

The second a holiday is booked I start researching. I'm not an itinerary sort of girl -I don't plan every minute or meal, I just like to know the options. I prefer to try and find more unusual places or activities to do, rather than stick to the main tourist bits. I like my tech too so I always look for handy apps for the area.

The Lists

I love list writing. When I am excited about my holiday but is way too early to start packing, I start to list what clothes, shoes, accessories I am going to take. This list then re-written several times - I don't know why is needs to be perfectly neat or why things need to be categorised, they just do.

The Weather

As soon as I can possibly look at the weather, I start obsessively checking every site and app possible at regular intervals. If the weather is good, then all is well. If not then I go back to steps one and two, no reason to let the weather ruin your fun.

The Pampering

I guess this is normal behavior. Before jetting off, I go stock up on holiday supplies - travel toothpaste, suntan lotion the essentials. Then I go and get waxed, grab a Mani and Pedi - I usually go for Shellac to avoid chipping. I also like to get a lash lift before I go, so that I can have great lashes by the pool.

The Packing

By this time, the lists are long gone! I am generally throwing everything into my suitcase. I have to talk myself out of packing 10 pairs of shoes when I'm only going away for 7days. Slowly the amount that I pack gets reduced as I start thinking more rationally. I end up packing and repacking, with various methods; rolling, folding, stuffing things in my shoes.

Do you have any pre-holiday rituals or packing tips? I'd love to hear them!

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Saturday, June 11, 2016


It's verdict time on the Wella Systems Professional Energy Code. If you want to see what I am talking about - my first post on my salon experience is here. After taking the products home, it was time for me to take the lead and follow my hair plan. The aim was to improve my scalp and condition of my hair. 

Personally, I didn't get on with the shampoo - it made my hair feel funny when and after I washed it. With no conditioner to follow it, I felt like it left my hair dryer and more frizzy, despite it being a smoothing shampoo.

However, when it comes to the Balance Mask, I was very surprised - I applied this once a week, to avoid making my hair too greasy. Usually, masks leave my hair feeling heavy and makes it go greasy very quickly but this was not the case. My hair felt soft and was actually shiny, which is very rare for my hair. It left it more manageable too.

Finally, we come to the scalp treatments - Alpha Energy and Energy Smoothing System - I have used these together so it is hard to tell if one is more effective than the other, or if the combination is some sort of magic. My scalp is reborn - there is very little irritation now - normally it comes on the last day before I was it, whereas before I would constantly have dry and flaking areas (despite years of trying to manage it - although it is not as bad as when I was a teenager). Not only that but I have noticed less hair dropping out and healthier hair. I have even had a few comments about how much thicker my hair looks! Which is remarkable.

Overall, I do rate the SP Energy code system - I think I will go back and have a consultation once I am back from holidays in August, as the heat really takes it out of my hair - it will be interesting to see how my Energy Code changes.

I was provided the products and salon treatment for free in return for an honest review on the Wella Systems Professional Emergy Code Products. This has in no way influenced what I have said in this blog post.

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