Fashion | Let's Get to LFW (Next Season)

This year I was lucky enough to be invited to LFW, but unfortunately I couldn't make it (typical! the one time). Hopefully I will get an invite to the next one, but to improve my chances I am going to:

Be on the top of my Blogging game

I regularly leave posting for a week or too, I just get busy or distracted and say to myself "blog tomorrow". Then tomorrow takes a week to come. I've started using Trello to help plan what I am going to post, then add pictures to my post notes once they are done so that when I can blog it is all in one place.

I've also made a list of backup posts to write - stuff that isn't seasonal or time-sensitive, that I can have waiting just in case I run out of time to blog but still need a post.

Another thing I have thought of is to increase my OOTD posts so that I can mention the brands in social media and put myself right in front of them.

Be more active on Instagram

It's no secret that Instagram is a big part of blogging and that the fashion is a huge interest. I need to up my outfit/fashion focused posts to build my fashion following. I also need to be more interactive.

Network more

This one is a hard one because I am already struggling with time to write blog post. However, I am lucky enough to have the choice to occasionally work in the London office at work. I regularly get invited to small events in London but turn them down as I live in Brighton. I plan to work from London at least once a month and drop into events after. I can then blog on the train to an from work!

Did you go to LFW?

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Fashion | Summer Sandals from Clarks

Going to Clarks when I was younger was one of my favourite shopping experiences. We'd usually go twice a year - once for summer school shoes and again for the winter term. I might be showing my age here, but two things in particular come to mind - the first was the crazy machine that they'd use to measure your feet (and the hope that your feet had grown) and those awesome Magic Key Shoes.

I'm not going to lie, I haven't shopped in Clarks for years - I guess, as much as I enjoyed the trips to Clarks when I was younger, it rooted in me this false belief that Clarks only sell 'functional' shoes. My recent trip to the Brighton Clarks was a bit of a myth buster for me.

Clarks kindly gave me £50 to spend in one of their stores, I work in town less than 5 minutes from the shop so this was not a problem at all. I wasn't sure what I would find, or if I'd find a pair at all, but after a quick snoop on the website I was suddenly overwhelmed by choice.

The shop itself is large (the Hove one is about 1/4 of the size) and has a large range for both men and women. All four of the pairs of shoes, I had eyed up online were stock, very impressive. After going back and forth between pairs, I finally decided to try on these sandals. The staff had made themselves known prior to this without being too forceful (pet hate of mine) and were quick to get my size when asked. In fact, this doesn't do then justice they were all lovely, knew how to talk to customers and were very friendly. In the last year my feet have begun shrinking, I have gone from a 6 to a 5/4.5. On this occasional I was a 4.5 UK, which unfortunately they didn't have in stock in a wide fit. However, they offered to order them in for me and hold them for 5 days so that I could pick them up. They took all my details and 3 days later I received a text to let me know they were in.

I ended up going for these sandals (other possibilities were 2 pairs of slip on trainers and some shiny silver sandals) because I thought they would be great for summer evenings out or at work. Also while the weather is still chilly I can team them with cute tights.

When was your last trip to Clarks?

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*These shoes where gifted to me in return for me writing an honest review of the instore experience.


Fashion | OOTD First Beach Walk Of Spring 2015

Blanket - Blue Vanilla* / Top - Simply Be / Jeans - Topshop / Shoes - Converse / Bag - Vintage Dior

A couple of weekends ago Joe and I went on one of our beach walks. It had been a while, I think the last one was the Sunday before he started his course.

It was the first 'Spring' walk, the sun was shining it wasn't too chilly, my blanket/shawl kept me warm, and there was a light wind blowing. As usual we got ourselves a Small Batch on our way down and had a lovely walk along Hove seafront.

I'm trying to embrace colour at the moment and this lovely shawl from Blue Vanilla has some beautiful colours in it while still being dark enough for me to feel comfortable in. It's made out of a soft fleece material so is perfect for adding a bit of warmth, especially when the weather is as changeable as it is at the moment.

To add more colour I wore it with a striped top from Simply Be - the top came in a two pack with a plain white version too. I really love stripes at the moment and while a lot of breton tops aren't that flattering for my body shape. These tops have 3/4 length sleeves and a handkerchief bottom. These were teamed with my new favorite jeans, the Joni by Topshop. I have to say they surprised me with the fit, I haven't had a pair of their jeans in years but these are so comfortable and a perfect length.

I would have loved to put on some chunky heels, but for a long walk, comfort is key so I went for my trusty Converse (I actually have 2 pairs of these!). The bag is a vintage Dior bag that my grandma gave me.

Do you have any vintage hand me downs? Sometimes I think they are the best pieces.

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