LIFESTYLE | Ride in Style and in Absolute Comfort in Discounted Equestrian Clothing


So riding has always been something you had a nose for. The sheer elegance of the sport coupled with the style associated with it makes it a definite show stopper. Now that you want to take up riding as a hobby, you will need to buy equestrian clothing to do it seriously. While purchasing equestrian clothing, there is a range of facets that need to be kept in mind so that you can look dashing and ride in comfort, without burning a big hole in your pocket. Discounted equestrian clothing gives you the option to look fabulous at a reasonable cost. Few tips will help you make proper choices at a decent rate and look absolutely fabulous while you are riding. This article will give you a detailed know how on getting discounts on equestrian clothing and places where can you buy them.

Facets to keep in mind:

1. Cost: The very first aspect to keep in mind, if you are an amateur, is that the cost shouldn’t be too much and unfortunately equestrian clothing doesn’t come cheap at all. The classic attire might cost you a bomb if you are planning to purchase it from regular stores. This is why searching for discounted equestrian clothing is best if you are just starting off. This way you won’t go overboard with your budget but are able to still get great products and look great while you are riding.

2. Functionality: This is yet another essential point to keep in mind while purchasing equestrian clothing.  Beyond looking great, you definitely want to make sure that you feel comfortable while riding. A pair of jodhpurs that are a tad too tight or loose will make you extremely uncomfortable, and the same can be said for your boots. If they are too tight, it might hurt your feet whilst riding. Hence, it is important to pick items that fit you perfectly and hike your comfort while you are riding. This is why before you start purchasing discounted equestrian clothing make sure you know your measurements very well to justify your purchases.

3. Style: Now riding and style are two things that totally go hand in hand, and a very significant facet of equestrian clothing is about looking stunning. Hence, if you are planning to take part in a competition or a formal training session, dressing as per code is a must. Having a good idea about the pieces your will need make the process of shopping a lot easier.
In order to cater to these three aspects, the easiest way is to purchase your items online. The online suppliers of equestrian clothing give frequent discounts, and you can grab the offer if you keep a keen eye on the websites. The websites are rather user-friendly, and you can pick the items that you need easily. Among the riding wear, you will find a huge array of colors to pick from, something for everyone. With so many options available, you don’t need to be constricted and pick only the classic beige jodhpurs. Add a dash of colour to your outfit with something as bright as vermillion or something as chic as plum.
Along with riding wear, these websites also stock up on accessories for taking care of your beloved horse. This way besides looking fab, you can also ensure that your horse stays well-cleaned and in shape. You can also pick up trimmers to keep your horse looking great so that it complements your style. Among the top riding gear and accessory stores available online, Ride4Less give you great discounts on everything so that you don’t feel overburdened by taking it up as a hobby. They stock up well too so that you can find all your riding needs while shopping with them. So research online and make discounted purchases and save loads on riding goods.

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If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you might have seen that last week my lovely kitty boy, Tobias passed away after being hit by a van. Joe and I are gutted, it's hard to explain the pain of losing a pet. You never realise how empty your home feels once they are gone or how big of a hole they leave in your life. It's hard because you realise that although you don't communicate verbally with them like you do a person, you still have a very intimate relationship - how often do you stroke your friends, allow them to jump into bed with you or keep you company while you are in the bath?

Our other cat, Sega also appears to be grieving. I know it's hard to tell and people often project 'human' emotions onto cats, but she has started looking for him in the cubby hole on the cat trees, having never shown an interest in them before. She has also become more needy and has started making an odd miaow after she eats.

A year after getting Sega, I was desperate for another cat. I felt she needed a companion and I needed another injection of adorably cute kitten. My friend Erin had decided she wanted a kitten. She had found a litter on a farm miles away and needed someone to drive her and had asked me. I, of course was happy to offer my services and conveniently took the cash for a kitten of my own "just in case".

After a disastrous trip (getting lost, car electric window breaking whilst open and finally my window wipers breaking in torrential rain) we got to the farm and looked at the two litters of kittens they had. I immediately picked up Tobias and after making sure he was a boy (to ease tension with Sega) we drove home with two adorable fur babies.

Joe and I were living together at this point but were temporarily broken up, I text him to inform him that I had just got a new kitten called Milo. He responded telling me that his name was Tobias and so started our life with Tobias.

There are so many great memories, Tobias used to like to sit on the kitchen windowsill so he could monitor his territory and watch me cook. If I was cutting a particularly strong onion his eyes would start to water, but he would stay and continue to watch and sniff my cooking. Or if he could smell me cooking or preparing meat he would start rolling around by my feet purring so loud. He always knew if it was Joe or I coming into the building and would be there to greet us by the front door with his little chirpy miaow. He had the loudest purr in the world, and would firmly nudge you when he wanted a stroke or cuddle.

He was only with us for four years, but we gave him the best life we could. We loved so much, him and Sega had a great relationship chasing each other one minute and snuggle together the next. He was keen hunter and in recent months, had managed to catch a Squirrel that he had been chasing around the garden for years.

Things will be hard for a while, I keep getting out two bowls in the morning to feed Sega and we keep waiting for him to come through the flap and great us with his chirp.

Have you ever lost a pet?

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LIFESTYLE |Top Gifts to Get Your Loved Ones This Christmas


With Christmas well and truly round the corner, it's time to start giving some serious thought into gifts for your loved ones. It's always difficult to come up with new ideas for gifts for loved ones. Thankfully, we've got you covered! From thoughtful and special to budget friendly and wonderful, here is the top ten gifts to get your loved ones this Christmas!

A clutch

A clutch is something that is extremely useful and stylish, and would be a welcome addition to any stylish woman's wardrobe. There are so many stunning options available, so it would really help to know the woman's personal style to ensure she loves the gift! Go for something classic and (if it's in your price range) leather so it's long lasting and something she will treasure forever. Check out ASOS for more budget friendly options or ShopBop if you're looking to spend a bit more.


Like the famous saying, diamonds really are a girl's best friend! If you're looking for a very special gift for your loved one this Christmas, then diamonds would definitely be the way to go. If you don't want to spend too much, then go for a simple pair of diamond studs, or if you're happy spending a bit more, then go for a tennis bracelet or necklace. Whatever you choose, she'll be sure to absolutely love it! Michael Hill have a stunning, affordable range of diamond jewelry - that'd be your best bet!

A kindle

If your loved one likes to read, then a kindle would be the most practical present for them. With a kindle, they can download thousands of books and have them all on their device to read at their own leisure. A wonderful present for a book lover!

Personalized stationary

For your crafty loved ones, some personalized stationary would be a great present. Dabney Lee Caddylicious can make some gorgeous and creative stationary, personally designed for your loved ones.

A cookbook

For your loved ones who love to cook, there's no better present than a fabulous cook book! Make sure to find out their favourite chefs, and then go on the hunt to find their recipe books!

A photo

For your loved ones who like to treasure their memories with photos, the ideal present for them would be a photo of you together blown up on canvas! You can find great options online where the process is simple - just scan your photo and they'll take care of the rest!

A coupon book

For a great DIY gift, a coupon book is a wonderful idea! Think about all the things your loved one loves to do/see/eat and make sure to include lots of different 'coupons' they can use whenever they want. A very thoughtful idea!

A bottle of wine

For the wine connosiuer, there really is no better gift than a great bottle of wine! Make sure you find out the type of wine they enjoy, and then go to a boutique wine shop to find something similar but unique!

A box of their favourite things

It doesn't get much more thoughtful than this! A box of your loved one's favourite foods, drinks, accessories etc wrapped up in a gorgeous box. They'll just love it!

A weekend getaway

With all the stresses of everyday life these days, it would be a dream to be able to escape for a weekend. For the loved one that needs a break, get them a weekend getaway somewhere quiet and beautiful - the most relaxing present!

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