HUBS | Hugo Boss Boss Orange for Men Review


When my wife asked me if I wanted help out on a review for a His and Hers fragrance I was a little worried. I can be fussy when it comes to my aftershave tastes and they can change with the seasons. So I was pleasantly surprised and secretly quite relieved, when I discovered we were reviewing the Boss Orange aftershave and perfume.

Strangely enough we both already wear the fragrance. I discovered it soon after it was released in 2009(ish) and bought a female version for my wife a short time after, luckily liked it as much as I did.
I'm quite a Hugo Boss fanboy (I got married in a Boss suit) and for me the Boss Orange Man EDT fragrance is very much an all-rounder. I can happily wear it at home, in the office on a Monday morning and equally at ease at the yacht club (I wish!) on a Friday night.

I would say its a fresher summery version of Boss Bottled, although called 'orange' it doesn't have overly powerful fruity or citrus smell. More of a warming sweet subtle spice with a hint of possibly apple?

It lasts quite a long time on the body before wearing off and I often get compliments throughout the day from people asking about it. I also have previously worn the 'Feel Good Summer' edition which is a lot more fruity and really gives you that summer feeling on rainy Winter days.

I'm glad that I have only positives to say about this fragrance, I was anticipating having to write negative things or tell a few porkies but alas Boss Orange* is a solid Mens fragrance that has become a firm member of my top 5 and had secured a place on my dresser.

Lilla will telling you all how she feels about the female version soon.

Would you and your partner ever wear his and her fragrances?

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*Hubs and I were given a fragrance each for review purposes.



I honestly can't believe a year has already past since Hubs and I got married. It's been a busy year filled with fantastic highs (second wedding in Spain, a trip to Amsterdam and just small happy moments) and one notable low (when Hubs's dad passed away) all of which we provided each other with strength and support through.

As we had already lived together for six years, not much has really changed. I was already aware that he was unable to close cupboard doors when he was finished with them, and he has learn't to live with my messy side of the bedroom. But oddly (despite spending all my teenage years saying I would never get married) it does feel like something has changed. Maybe because of the official commitment that we have made to each other we are sub-consciously closer, happier and stronger with each other. I find that Hubs can be more affectionate, there is more hand holding and random unexpected cuddles and I find myself looking at him and just smiling (I'm such a sap).

After the wedding last year we spent the weekend in Chelsea. On our last morning we were sitting in a lovely cafe people watching when we stated to notice people in AMAZING costumes and head pieces. That was when we realised that we should have stayed another day so we could go to Notting Hill Carnival and made a promise to go this year.I've never been to Notting Hill Carnival before so I didn't really know what to expect.

It was fantastic, the atmosphere was completely infectious and I couldn't stop smiling. I usually take my trusty iPhone with me rather than carry around a DSLR that I don't really know how to use! but I kinda broke it ;( So I've temporarily been given a LG G3 which is completely different for me. I've never used an Android phone before but it was surprisingly easy to use and user-centric. I used the phone to take all the pictures at Carnival and was really happy with the quality of the pictures and the clarity of the screen. I was also really impressed with the battery life!

Have you ever been to Notting Hill Carnival?

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FASHION | Simply Be Little Black Dress Challenge


Dress c/o SimpleBe* / Denim jacket eBay (old) / Tights M&S / Cut Out Boots BooHoo (old)/ Floral Headband Topshop (old)
I was contacted by Simply Be to take part in a little black dress styling challenge. Considering my wardrobe would have you believe that I am the queen of darkness, I figured this challenge was right up my alley!

I was sent this lovely Black Embellished Wraparound dress* (also available in coral and currently sitting in my basket!). The dress itself is quite plain, apart from the lovely embellishment on the shoulders, but this makes the dress very versatile. Also the wraparound styling is very flattering and the elasticated waist bit sits at my true waist, which is perfect. The dress does come with a stitch in the neckline, but I removed it as it made the look funny around my breast, so if you think the dress is too boobilicious bare this in mind.

Now, we all know the importance of having an LBD at our disposal, firstly because they are perfect for most occasions and secondly because the are usually great on. This dress is very versatile and I played with the idea of flip flops or sandals and sunglasses or teaming it with a leather jacket. However, as I am trying to move away from all black outfits and it's too cold for sandals, but not quite cold enough for leather I decided to go with my denim jacket.

I kept the accessories to a minimum, with a neckline as low as this I find it best not to wear a necklace as it would just draw too much attention to my cleavage. Instead I went with a floral headband and a 3 tier studded bracelet I have had since I was a 13 year old Goth. I like the contrast of the feminine floras and the more masculine studs.

How would you style this dress?

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