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Monday, July 24, 2017

Lifestyle | 5 Tips to survive your first festival

Festival season is in full swing. Once there were only a handful of festivals, you’d go to Reading, Leeds or Glasto, then slowly over the years the list of music festivals has grown, just look at the interactive map by Even here in Brighton we have three annual music festivals – The Great Escape, Wildlife and Boundary.

From 16 I’ve been a regular festival goer, attending at least one a year, usually Reading or Download, sometimes both. Each festival has a different vibe, style and purpose, but the rules of survival remain the same. Here are some tips that I have learnt over the years.

Don’t forget or lose your ticket before you get in…

Seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how often this happens. The first year I went to Reading, my friend accidentally left her wallet on the train. Not only did it have her ticket, but her return train ticket and all her money. Luckily her brother was joining us the next day.
A couple of my friends have also gone all the way to Download (from Brighton) only to realise they left their tickets at home.

Agree a meeting point with you friends

With so many people, stalls, stages and food trucks, it’s easy to lose your friends. Find an easily identifiable landmark and agree to meet your squad here at certain points throughout the day if you split up or were to get lost. This way you also conserve precious phone battery!

Pack something warm

The sun is shining, it’s warm and you’ve been inspired to wear hot pants or short skirts by Coachella attending celebs. But when the sun goes down and you’re camping in a tent the temperature will plummet and you will freeze. With camp fires being banned at most festivals nowadays, if you want to continue partying into the night, your jumper will become your best friend.

Be aware of the sun

Spending a few days dancing away in the sunshine sounds so idyllic, but getting severely sunburnt is not fun, especially if you have a few more days to go. Equally, getting heatstroke while at a festival, and having nowhere to rest but a baking hot tent is actual hell, so be responsible.

Think feet first

The temptation is always there to wear cute little sandals all weekend, but choose comfort. Not only are you going to be on your feet most of your festival experience, but with weather changes, the ground can quickly turn from hard and dry to ridiculously muddy. One year at Reading it rained so much that I lost a shoe to a muddy puddle!
Not to mention the risk of getting your feed stamped on in the crowd or treading on discarded glass or cans.

The key to a great festival experience is to go with the flow, be safe and relax. So if you are off to a festival, then I hope you have a fantastic time.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Beauty | 6 Simple tips to get clear skin overnight

Even if we’re drinking enough water, getting our beauty sleep and sticking religiously to our skincare routine, we’re all prone to breakouts every now and again. Nothing is more frustrating than the appearance of a zit the day before an important interview or a big date, but by trying a few of these tips, you might be able to get rid just in time.

Wash your face

Our first point might be a no-brainer, but you should always make sure that you wash your face before bed to get rid of the buildup of oil and dirt throughout the day. Even if you haven’t worn any makeup, pollution from the environment can clog our pores, and over time these clogged pores turn into blackheads or spots. Yuck!

Try aloe vera

The healing ingredients found in aloe vera have been used for centuries to treat wounds and scars, but this green plant can also help to treat pimples and acne fast. Get your hands on some organic aloe vera juice, dab it on the problem area and let it dry for about one hour before washing it off with warm water. You should see a decrease in inflammation the next day.

Steam it out

One of the main causes of breakouts is simply the fact that our pores are clogged with oil and dirt. Steaming your face will open your pores so that these toxins can escape. Fill a large bowl with hot water and let your face take in the steam for about 15 minutes. To trap the steam, put a towel over your head.

Dab on some toothpaste

Everyone has heard of the toothpaste trick when it comes to getting rid of pesky pimples, but it is something that actually works. Use two tablespoons of white toothpaste and mix it with a teaspoon of cinnamon before applying it on the affected areas. Allow it to soak into the skin for 10-15 minutes,and you should notice that it has dried out the zit, ultimately shortening its lifespan.

Hydrate yourself

Keeping ourselves properly hydrated is paramount to the health of our skin. Dehydration will only have negative effects on our skin, causing it to become dull, dry and more prone to breakouts. You can also try rubbing ice on the affected area for about two minutes. This will slow down blood flow and reduce inflammation by tightening up the skin.

Aspirin and baking soda

This tip is a little more unusual, but it will only lead to positive results. Dissolve aspirin or baking soda into some water to create a paste and then apply to the affected area, leaving it for no more than five minutes. How does it work? The acid found in both of these products is similar to that found in many acne treatments that are used to decrease redness.

There you have it, some of the best tips to try to make sure you’re looking your best for the day ahead. Remember that you should always aim to use makeup collections with natural ingredients as these will be less prone to irritating your skin.

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Brighton | Franco Manca at Brighton Marina

With Brighton's growing food scene it is not a surprise that we are getting some top London exports. Last spring, we were buzzed to get a Franco Manca in the Lanes, Instagram was taken over with mouthwatering shots of Sourdough pizza's and it was THE place to go.

A year later and our Franco Manca has sprouted a sibling at Brighton Marina. There's been a major rejuvenation of the Marina in the last years, with a burst of great restaurants, and some not so great (I'm still not convinced we needed a second Las Iguanas or a third Bella Italia) and I have to say the Franco Manca is a welcome addition.

I personally don't often go into Brighton to eat, we've become true 'Hovites' and spend most of our lives in one of the local pub gardens, all of which serve great grub. But Joe and I often go to the cinema at the Marina and make a bit of a day of it by going for a walk and grabbing some food.

We were invited to down to try the new restaurant, which in case you are wondering, is located on the Boardwalk, giving it the bonus of a fantastic view and making it the perfect people watching spot. There is the option to sit outside, but the weather wasn't on our side during our visit, instead we took up a table at the window at the front.

The decor is the same style as the other restaurant, but I like the consistency and the style in general, the vintage mix and match tiles are a dream. I will say that the Marina Franco Manca is more airy, and spacious while keeping that homely feel.

The staff are super attentive, coming up straight away to get our drinks. They don't serve labeled beers or cider so Joe got the no logo larger, and I got a small glass of their Rose and an organic lemonade.

To start we got a platter of cured meat, served with rocket, parmigiano reggiano and fresh bread, which was lovely and surprisingly light, which was good as the pizzas are always really filling.

The Pizza menu consists of 6 standard sourdough pizza, with a meat and a veggie special on the board. Although, this seems like a small offering, I really do prefer going somewhere that has a few small dishes that they do well. Who needs the stress of trying to choose a pizza from 15 possibilities?

Joe (AKA the pizza fiend) ordered the tomato, mozzarella and basil adding the chorizo and I went for the Gloucester Old Spot Ham, mozzarella, buffalo ricotta and wild mushroom pizza, with a little bit of tomato.

The pizzas that come are a good size, not ridiculously big as some can be, and the base is great - often the main culprit in pizzas attack on my stomach, but sourdough seems to be my friend. The toppings are generous, without over loading the pizza. I like the fact that you can get a white and creamy pizza sauce if you are tired of the standard tomato too.

The pricing is very reasonable, so perfect for a quick lunch or pre-movie dinner. Not to mention on the second Tuesday of the month they actually hold a Pizza making class, for just £20, which I'm actually going to this week so will let you know how it goes.

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