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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Lifestyle | The rising popularity of scooters

There was a time when scooters were seen merely as something that only kids used, but that perception has changed massively. In the modern world, scooters are used by many different people and for many different reasons. They are used by small children who haven’t learnt to ride a bike yet, as well as used by commuters wanting to get to work quicker than it takes them to walk. Furthermore, there is a whole load of highly skilled scooter riders that perform tricks and even go on to become professional scooter riders. While BMX riders and skateboard riders have long been welcomed into the stunts/tricks community, scooters are now also becoming a very high-profile activity.

Such is the popularity of scooter stunts, there are numerous festivals and competitions held all over the world to celebrate the excellence of the scooter. Scootfest is one of the most popular scooter events in the UK, and it looks like the popularity is soaring at a rapid pace.

It is not just stunts that make scooters great, they are also one of the most convenient ways to travel relatively short distances. Many people including commuters are turning to scooters as a more convenient alternative to cycling a few miles of a journey. For people who travel by public transport but still have a considerable distance to travel to get to their workplace, they are ideal. They are easy to carry and lightweight and taking them on public transport is much easier than trying to get a bike on a train and some transport companies don’t allow bikes onto their vehicles.

Image: JoyBot

Scootering is increasing in popularity; therefore, manufacturers are producing high-quality stunt scooters for future scootering world champions to practice on. With Scootfest and Scoot GB aiming to grow and sustain participation within the sport, people are looking towards District Scooters due to their creative designs, lightweight nature and capability to perform stunts and tricks that’ll kickstart their scootering careers. If you aspire to be like world champion Jordan Clark, can provide you with a mountain of professional, stunting District Scooters, such as the C Series Scooters, where the decks and bars were built for such extreme sports, stunts and tricks.

Bikes can be very costly in comparison and a lot harder to maintain with the frequent possibility of punctures, wearing down of brake pads and chains that need oiling. Scooters are a great low maintenance option that suits you if you are looking just to get going and not worry about whether it is going to cause you issues along the journey.

Scooters are also incredibly easy to ride, and you can keep the pace you want. With cycling, if you have to stop and start constantly, it can become awkward to use, especially in major cities or towns; however, with a scooter, you can simply start and stop easily. What is there not to like about scooters? They are convenient and reliable and could add some fun to your daily journeys as well as provide some extra exercise to your routine. If you have not bought yourself a scooter yet, then you are missing out on all of the fun!

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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Lifestyle | 5 of the biggest interior design trends for 2017

If you’re invested in making your living space stylish, characterful, and current, you’ll no doubt want to keep your finger on the pulse of interior design trends.  2017 has gifted us so far with a great many fascinating design innovations and re-vitalised some well-worn styles in amazing ways.  Read on for five of the most exciting interior design trends so far this year.  

Bare wall finishes

We all know the importance of a good backdrop.  In 2017, it’s all about bringing the outside in and stripping things back to basics, with the bare wall look (shown here on Pinterest).  This gives a striking look to any room, and a definite inner-city ‘studio loft’ feel that will impress your more bohemian friends.


‘Lagom’ roughly translates into Swedish as ‘in moderation.'  The Huffington Post mentions here how the lifestyle trend can apply to day-to-day life, though regarding interior design, it’s a little more featureful than minimalist and less-cluttered than cosy.  It’s all about achieving that ‘Goldilocks’ balance between too much and too little, and lagom-inspired homes marry together features of relaxation and practicality in perfect harmony.

Smart features

As The Huffington Post points out, smart gadgets are increasingly changing the landscape and capabilities of our homes.  From touch sensors on lights and taps to wireless speakers so sleek and stylish that they double up as ornaments, digital technology is opening up a whole new world of design possibilities.


Just because we’re powering forward into a digital future doesn’t mean we’ve lost sight of the past.  In 2017, vintage décor is as ‘in’ as ever.  Jo Leevers of The Guardian highlights the character of vintage features and furnishings (bare walls feature largely in her piece, too!)  This year, we see elements of décor that hark back to the 50s, 60s, and 70s, in particular, with vintage-style vinyl record players, rotary dial telephones and even pinball machines and jukeboxes making a comeback.

Jewel colours

In 2017, it seems pastel may be slightly passé.  Design lovers are studding their homes with vivid jewel colours, achieving a right royal look with bright ruby reds, sapphire blues, and bold emerald greens.  The braver amongst us might be using these colours liberally, outfitting our homes like an opulent silk gown, while others may be using the jewel tones sparingly and letting them glitter in a more demure setting.

We’ve barely scratched the surface of all 2017 has to offer when it comes to interior design, and as we move into summer and beyond, things will surely continue to change and evolve with the seasons.  If you’re thinking about revamping your living space, you’ll want to take advantage of interior design services that are truly in touch with the latest trends.  You’ll find that Kia Designs is in touch with your own personal taste, and works to blend fashion seamlessly with your own vision to create a tailored, stylish and completely professional look that’s yours alone.

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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Lifestyle | How a messy girl can achieve a clutter free bathroom

So we are in the final stages of buying a flat, we currently live in a fair sized house and will need to downsize... a lot. Currently we have people living with us, so our bathroom is over run with bottles of half used shampoos left over from people long gone, and multiple body-washes. Not ot mention I am a total product hoarder. It really is time for me to tackle the problem and come up with an action plan for the new flat.

Have a clear out

My first step will be to rid the bathroom of those half-empty bottles of products that have most likely been sat there for months, and if I'm honest with myself,  I don’t really like either. It’s far better to have a few products that you really love and use every day. It’s also a good idea to only keep your favourite towels and bath mat, instead of using old ones in rotation that just don’t seem to do your bathroom any favours.

Stylish storage solutions

Having a good clear out will help determine if your current storage set-up works for you. Do you need more or less storage space than originally thought? If you find that you need more storage, there are plenty of options available to organise your bathroom. Vanity units are a great choice as they combine a sink and storage into one space saving design. The cupboard underneath the sink means you can keep toiletries hidden away yet close to hand.

Other storage ideas can include shelves, wall cabinets and baskets. A new mirrored cabinet fitted above the sink will instantly update your bathroom and give you somewhere to store your everyday essentials. Baskets and shelves offer an affordable solution, and are great for keeping items neat and tidy.

Tackle one area at a time

If your bathroom is like mine, it's full of clutter leaving you unsure where to start, it’s a good idea to tackle one area at a time. Begin by clearing out the vanity unit or cabinet, keeping the items you really like and use on a regular basis. 

Do the same thing for shelves and surfaces, and get rid of anything that’s been sat collecting dust and serves no purpose in your bathroom. It's also worth remembering that products can have a shelf life, so make user that you bare this mind during the cull. Work your way around the bathroom until you’ve covered all areas and removed the clutter.

Clean and tidy up

Once you’ve decluttered your bathroom, give all the surfaces a good clean. Take your time and focus on achieving a sparkling clean space, you’ll be surprised the difference this can make to the overall look and feel of your bathroom. Tidy up the remaining items, fold up towels and place toiletries neatly on a shelf, or keep them hidden away in a vanity unit or cabinet. With less clutter, you’ll soon see how much easier it is to clean your bathroom.    

A new routine

Clearing out clutter from your bathroom provides a great opportunity to rethink your morning and evening routines. If you feel rushed when getting ready on those busy weekday mornings, streamlining your routine and even reducing the number of products you’re using can ease the stress. 

If everything you need is in one place, then you’ll find it easier to get ready, rather than wondering where on earth your deodorant has gone! You could try removing all but the essential items from the bathroom and see how it feels to use a much more simplified space.

The small details

Once your bathroom is free from clutter, you can then see if what you have in the space is doing its job well. For example, if you’d love to enjoy a relaxing soak in the bath more often, you could place a small stool close by to keep your towel and bathing essentials close to hand. Or, if the toiletries around your basin still feel a little dis-organised, you could add a small basket or tray to group them together in a better way.

De-cluttering your bathroom may seem a little daunting at first, but the effort will be so worth it!

Do you have any bathroom storage/decluttering tips? anything to make moving into our first flat easier is much  appreciated!

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