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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Lifestyle | How a messy girl can achieve a clutter free bathroom

So we are in the final stages of buying a flat, we currently live in a fair sized house and will need to downsize... a lot. Currently we have people living with us, so our bathroom is over run with bottles of half used shampoos left over from people long gone, and multiple body-washes. Not ot mention I am a total product hoarder. It really is time for me to tackle the problem and come up with an action plan for the new flat.

Have a clear out

My first step will be to rid the bathroom of those half-empty bottles of products that have most likely been sat there for months, and if I'm honest with myself,  I don’t really like either. It’s far better to have a few products that you really love and use every day. It’s also a good idea to only keep your favourite towels and bath mat, instead of using old ones in rotation that just don’t seem to do your bathroom any favours.

Stylish storage solutions

Having a good clear out will help determine if your current storage set-up works for you. Do you need more or less storage space than originally thought? If you find that you need more storage, there are plenty of options available to organise your bathroom. Vanity units are a great choice as they combine a sink and storage into one space saving design. The cupboard underneath the sink means you can keep toiletries hidden away yet close to hand.

Other storage ideas can include shelves, wall cabinets and baskets. A new mirrored cabinet fitted above the sink will instantly update your bathroom and give you somewhere to store your everyday essentials. Baskets and shelves offer an affordable solution, and are great for keeping items neat and tidy.

Tackle one area at a time

If your bathroom is like mine, it's full of clutter leaving you unsure where to start, it’s a good idea to tackle one area at a time. Begin by clearing out the vanity unit or cabinet, keeping the items you really like and use on a regular basis. 

Do the same thing for shelves and surfaces, and get rid of anything that’s been sat collecting dust and serves no purpose in your bathroom. It's also worth remembering that products can have a shelf life, so make user that you bare this mind during the cull. Work your way around the bathroom until you’ve covered all areas and removed the clutter.

Clean and tidy up

Once you’ve decluttered your bathroom, give all the surfaces a good clean. Take your time and focus on achieving a sparkling clean space, you’ll be surprised the difference this can make to the overall look and feel of your bathroom. Tidy up the remaining items, fold up towels and place toiletries neatly on a shelf, or keep them hidden away in a vanity unit or cabinet. With less clutter, you’ll soon see how much easier it is to clean your bathroom.    

A new routine

Clearing out clutter from your bathroom provides a great opportunity to rethink your morning and evening routines. If you feel rushed when getting ready on those busy weekday mornings, streamlining your routine and even reducing the number of products you’re using can ease the stress. 

If everything you need is in one place, then you’ll find it easier to get ready, rather than wondering where on earth your deodorant has gone! You could try removing all but the essential items from the bathroom and see how it feels to use a much more simplified space.

The small details

Once your bathroom is free from clutter, you can then see if what you have in the space is doing its job well. For example, if you’d love to enjoy a relaxing soak in the bath more often, you could place a small stool close by to keep your towel and bathing essentials close to hand. Or, if the toiletries around your basin still feel a little dis-organised, you could add a small basket or tray to group them together in a better way.

De-cluttering your bathroom may seem a little daunting at first, but the effort will be so worth it!

Do you have any bathroom storage/decluttering tips? anything to make moving into our first flat easier is much  appreciated!

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Monday, May 08, 2017

Beauty | A hairy girls guide to hair removal

I am going to start this blog post by saying that if you are comfortable with your body hair that is fantastic for you. Being noticeably hairier than my peers growing up, for me it is something I am still quite uncomfortable with, but I get that is quite normal for someone who had to start bleaching her upper lip at the age of 9!

As we all know there are many ways to say goodbye to unwanted body hair, but each method varies in how long the results lasts, these also differ from person to person. Some methods get rid of hair for a few days, while others can remove it for weeks. It is all a matter of balancing your budget and time constraints with how much you want the offending hairs to disappear.

Sugaring Instead of Waxing or Shaving Body Hair

Sugaring treatments are like waxing treatments. However, sugaring should keep hair from growing back for at least six weeks. Waxing treatments can work for that long, but they also sometimes only work for about two weeks. As for shaving, new growth after doing that can be visible after as little as two or if you are me, by the next day.

Obviously, shaving is the easiest and most comfortable, I am guilty of growing out my legs for a wax and then giving up and shaving instead. If you choose to shave hair away, you can expect to be doing so all the time. Waxing and sugaring are equally painful, but you can reduce the discomfort by having the treatment done professionally.

Electrolysis and Laser Treatments for Hair Removal

Aside from waxing and sugaring treatments, clinics also offer other hair removal treatments. Among them are the use of laser hair removing devices and electrolysis machines. Both techniques involve some degree of discomfort, and both have to be repeated over and over again for the best results.

I hear that Laser treatment is more comfortable than electrolysis, and that is can be more versatile. An electrolysis treatment is better suited to treating a small area of the body, while lasers can be used almost anywhere. Having had electrolysis in the past, I would say it is effective, but uncomfortable. As the treatment, targets follicle by follicle, it is limited to small areas, and can be less effective on coarse hair. Laser treatment is much more effective to remove hair from a larger area.

Using Epilators for Hair Removal Spot Treatments

Epilators are small hand-held devices that can pull out several hairs at a time. You can grab yourself an Epilator from Boots, I can recommend the Braun Silk range, as I use the Epil 7 myself. While more time consuming and painful than shaving, I find it does offer a longer lasting result and although I know it doesn’t make a difference, the hair does appear to grow back finer.

 Aftercare Treatments to Help Keep Body Hair Away

Regardless of which technique or combination of techniques you decide to use, aftercare can help you maximize the results. Make sure you moisturise after you de-fuzz yourself. Depilatory formulas are specially designed to get rid of existing hairs after repeated use, but they can also work to keep hair that is already gone from growing back as quickly as it would without depilatory cream treatment.

As you can see, the world of hair removal is not limited to shaving and waxing at all. There are many treatments that are available to you. You can even try several different hair removal techniques until you find out which method is the one(s) that your body responds to best.

 Have you got a hair removal tip, trick or story?

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fashion | Slogan Styling Ideas

Hand’s up who else is slogan crazy? Whether it’s hats, t-shirts or jackets, slogans are massive in fashion right now. Everyone is wearing them, even the super chic Victoria Beckham. But this isn’t a surprise considering how versatile an item they are.

Chuck them on with leggings and a jacket while you run errands, tuck them into jeans for a casual lunch or team them with a pleated midi skirt and heels for a more feminine look, all are great options.
With the growth of political movements, such as #BlackLivesMatters or empowering communities such as Girl Boss, there has been a rise in people making a clear statement with their fashion choices.

But don’t worry, wearing a slogan t-shirt doesn’t always mean you must make a massive statement. If you don’t feel comfortable with getting involved in politicas, you can go down the novelty route like me. As always, you can see that I am taking my diet very seriously, with this Pizza is my Soulmate tee! This one is unisex, so Joe, the real pizza fiend, can always steal it for himself.

Not sure how to style your slogan tee? I have been scouring scanning Instagram for some great slogan tee inspiration….

I love this Weekend Vibes jumper, shared by fellow Brighton Blogger Everything’s Rosie. This jumper would be ideal with jeans and trainers for weekend walks with Bruno (who I am still to introduce on the blog…)

Here, Lisa from Shoes and shows how slogan tee’s are a perfect summer staple, with Demin hot pants, and sunglasses, keeping it simple, and summery.

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Lydia Tomlinson, shows us how to add a sassy feminine touch with a midi skirt and heels, while keeping it chic and strong.

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And finally fashion icon and all round female boss, Victoria Beckham dresses down her business style, and shows that she us quite happy to make fun of herself.

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How would you style yours?   

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