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LIFESTYLE | 5 Tips for Creating Inviting Garden Spaces

Tips for Creating Inviting Garden Spaces
During the spring and summer months the first thing most people think of is spending time outdoors in their garden. If you are amongst those who are just tired of being indoors all winter and are looking to spend some quiet and restful time in your garden, here are five tips for creating inviting garden spaces that you will want to enjoy as often as possible.

1) Courtyard with Paving Stones

The first thing you will look for is somewhere to sit with a nice, cool refreshing drink and perhaps a good book to read. Many homeowners grace their gardens with a paved patio/courtyard where they can place a picnic table and an assortment of lawn chairs. These are easy to install if you use paving slabs that ‘look’ like the stones have been laid individually, but in reality it is one large slab that is easy to set wherever you’d like it.

2) Gently Cascading Garden Waterfalls

Sometimes it’s just nice to get outside and enjoy nature. With nothing to do but sit there in total relaxation, the body refreshes itself and the sound of running water is amongst the most relaxing sounds on earth. In keeping with natural stone paving stones, a gently cascading garden waterfall made from stones is not only mesmerising but beautiful as well.

3) Saunas and Spas

If you are looking to create inviting garden space, the addition of a sauna or spa is ideal. You can relax day or night to the gentle sounds and sights of nature all around you while the water soothes those aching muscles. Many homeowners have evening parties and this is a major attraction for friends and family alike. Set in the ground with a stone walkway, it fits the overall look you are creating.

4) Ambient LED Path Lights

Ambient garden lighting is so beautiful on warm summer nights. With lovely colours available, these can be placed along walkways, around the patio courtyard, and under shrubs and plants to accent them and give them an ethereal glow. Some lights are placed around garden waterfalls and others light up the perimeter of pools, saunas and spas. After a long, hot day in the sun, there’s nothing as relaxing with ambient atmosphere.

5) Lush Greenery with Colourful Flowers

Finally, what would a garden be without lush greenery and seasonal colourful flowers? When planning your garden space, make sure to add a variety of flowers that bloom at different periods. In this way you will have flowers throughout literally every month of the spring and summer, right up through until autumn. Also, there are flowers that open at night so if you are going to be relaxing in your own private garden sanctuary in the evenings, make sure to plant some of these as well.
With the classic beauty of natural stone, soft ambient lighting, the soothing sound of water and a spa to relax those taut muscles, the only thing lacking is an ice cold gin and tonic. Just make sure to bring it out with you because once you’ve had a chance to sit in your new garden paradise, you won’t want to get up any time soon.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lifestyle | How to Get a Free Upgrade to Business Class When Flying

Those who travel frequently in the line of business know that flying ‘coach’ is the least desirable way to go, especially if you will be flying great distances. For short journeys just across the Channel, it’s no problem, but when flying to far-off destinations like Singapore, it really helps to get the conveniences offered when flying business class. So, is there a way to get an upgrade for free? Actually, according to statistics, one in five people have been able to upgrade without an additional cost.

Why Would I Want to Upgrade?

If you are not one to travel often, you may not be aware of all those little ‘extras’ that come with upgrading to business class. If you are going short trips, perhaps the main reason you would want to upgrade is because of the way in which you can access the lounge. Afraid of flying? This is the way to go! However, you also get better menus, easier check-ins and sometimes you can even get a plane with seats that recline almost flat so that you can sleep on longer trips. Okay, that’s why you’d want to upgrade, now here’s a few suggestions how.

Are Frequent Flyer Miles Really Free?

One of the most common suggestions made by airlines and frequent flyers alike is to use those frequent flyer miles for a ‘free’ upgrade. But, are they really and truly free? If you have spent a good bit of money travelling often, they probably don’t feel like they’re free. Here, it is probably wise to use them when you are going on long trips rather than a short trip to Paris, for example. Why waste them when you could really use them on your next trip to the Asia-Pacific region?

Look the Part of a Business Professional

Some business professionals dress for comfort but if you really want to impress the ticketing agent, dress the part! For men, a nice trendy suit might do the trick and for women, a classy business outfit would work well. Also, fashionable luggage that is of high quality will work quite nicely. Why not carry on a Briggs & Riley Verb Propel Case that rolls for convenience and is styled in black, well suited to a professional appeal? If black doesn’t do anything for you, perhaps a Rimowa Pilot Silver 53cm would be a better choice. Both are high end cases and sure to give you that professional look you are after.
From dressing the part to using those frequent flyer miles, there are ways to upgrade for free to business class if it’s those amenities you are after. Sometimes just looking the part is enough and friendly ticketing agents have been known to ‘offer’ an upgrade for free based on appearances. Maybe someone was in your seat or you made some kind of justified complaint. No matter how you go about it, one thing is for sure. Flying business class is so much more comfortable than coach – especially if it is a free upgrade.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Fashion | Have you made a Lyst yet?

I am quite a disorganised person, who loves organising. Stupid I know! My favourite thing about organising is list writing, I write and re-write list, half of which get lost and never used! One list I have that is forever growing is my wardrobe wish list, some of which I share with you. I was reading RTH last year and she did a blog post about Lyst. I added it to my, then because of a hectic period at work never got round to playing with until it popped up on my Twitter news feed this week and now I am hooked!
Sign up was easy, Lyst suggests various websites and designers for you to follow, this then helps them decide what items it shows you.
When you get to browsing can add your favourite items to various Lysts – this can be for you or for a friend, a wishlist anything! I’ve started working on a Summer Capsule wardrobe, a series of items that all match and can be work together – making summer style super easy!

Apart from the super awesome Lyst making, it also links you up to all the sales – instead of going from website to website you can see all the great deals from all your favourite brands in one place. Perfect for Sunday morning browsing with a cuppa while watching awful TV!

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