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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Food | MOD Pizza Brighton Marina

Brighton Marina has just had a much-needed make-over, although we didn't need a third Bella Italia, a second Las Iguanas, or another GBK, there are a few additions that I was happy to see. One of them was M.O.D Pizza.

Joe is a Pizza fiend, boy loves his Pizza. I once went away on a family holiday without him and he ate nothing but Pizza for two weeks. I, on the other hand, have a love-hate relationship with Pizza, my mouth loves it, my gut hates it. I find that big chain Pizza places nearly always make me really ill, the independents tend not to cause me the same trouble.

My pizza issues did make me feel about worried about trying MOD, but I had nothing to be worried about. The way MOD is set up is similar to Subway, they have a small selection of pizzas you can order, or you can create your own beast, whatever you go for, no matter what you add it all costs the £7.47 (or £10.47 for a double base).

I had the Lucy Sunshine, which is artichoke, mozzarella, parmesan, red sauce - to which I added blue cheese and olives. Your pizza goes straight into the pizza oven when you order and then your name is called when it's ready.

Joe decided to get the Mad Dog (red sauce, ground beef, pepperoni, mozzarella and mild sausage) with added extra jalapenos. Being the huge pizza fan that he is, Joe decided to get a 'mega' pizza (£10.47) which has a double base. It is fair to see he was extremely pleased. They also do salads and sides, although the pizzas were more than enough for us. To drink, they have wine and beer, as well as iced tea, pink lemonade and the usual soft drinks. No doubt we will be back for a post-cinema meal soon.

Have you tried a MOD pizza? Would love to hear what you thought!

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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Lifestyle | Deck the halls with Birthstone Jewellery

How on earth is it December already? It's completely crept up on me and I've hardly bought any Christmas gifts, which is really unlike me. I like to buy thoughtful gifts, especially at Christmas, I think it's important. Anyone can just tick things off of a list.

Taking the time to show that you have listened to or noticed that person's interests to get them something they would love adds to the gift. Knowing someone has gone to such lengths to get you a gift really warms the heart. Christmas is all about giving, and buying gifts that mean something really proves that. With the help of Orelia, I've managed to get my youngest sister, Bella, something I know she'll love.

Bella is someone who I always have tried to get a special gift for. Having a 13 year age gap means that I have watched her grow up. In her younger years, I wanted to make her Christmas as special as possible.

I've bought her dolls, games consoles, and remote control cars. One year I bought her snuggly socks and pretended that that was the only thing I got her, only to reveal the curling tongs she wanted. This year is no exception.

I guess my family is 'unique', we have a family colour. It's Purple. So it's not surprising that Bella, the life, and soul of our family, is born in Febuarary. Making her birthstone Amethyst - I'm just a little jealous as I love amethyst and it's believed positive and cleansing properties. I'm stuck with the not so pretty Peridot.

Bella has been a big fan of birthstone jewellery, she has a few birthstone rings and recently took me to look at more to add to her collection. It seemed like a no-brainer to get her a necklace or bracelet to go with them.

This is the lead up to her 18th birthday week so I might as well start off special and start the year with 'birth' theme. Yes, she is insisting on a whole week in February, to celebrate her birthday. She already has the itinerary, family members have been advised which days and times we are required and where we are going.

As you have probably guessed she is quite high maintenance. She's the life and soul of the party, even when there is no party. But most importantly she is the sweetest and kindest person I know, which is why she deserves something special.

Who are you buying a special gift for this year? Or are you making something? I would love to hear your ideas.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Lifestyle | How to Host a Big Family Christmas

Christmas is, for many of us, the most important family event of the year. Whether we live hundreds of miles away from our loved ones or just around the corner, Christmas is the time when we put aside our busy lives and really dedicate ourselves to our families. Of course, for some of us this can be much more difficult to organise than it is for others. For those of us who have the joy of having a large family, Christmas can be both a wonderful and chaotic time, when we often feel rushed off our feet with the crowds of people surrounding us!

If you’re hosting a big family Christmas this year, it can be quite a daunting task to organise all those people. From cooking what seems like the world’s biggest turkey to entertaining a house full of people, it can sometimes appear to be an impossible task. But with just a few tweaks to your Christmas plan, you’ll be surprised at just how easy it can be to host a Christmas dinner for all the family.
Plan Ahead
Planning is one of the most effective things you can do to make Christmas dinner run smoothly, and when you have a big family to feed this is all the more important. If you’re one of those people who loves to make lists, you can use this skill to full effect by making lists of all the tasks that need to be done and all the food that needs to be cooked, in the order in which they need to be done. Of course, you won’t be doing all of these tasks yourself, so make sure you write down which ones you’ll be delegating to other members of the family.

If you really want to get organised, you can use a planning app to input all of your tasks, and set alarms to go off when you need to do them. This way you can be sure that you won’t forget a single thing, and you might even be able to relax a little bit. It’s important to do your planning a few days before the event, once you’ve got all of your food and presents. Leaving things to the last minute is likely to result in you forgetting something vital!
Stay Calm
It’s very easy to become stressed on Christmas Day, when there seem to be hundreds of people running around and thousands of things for you to do. However, the whole point of Christmas is to enjoy yourself and spend time with family, so make sure that you remind yourself of this whenever you start to feel overwhelmed. If you’ve planned ahead, you’ll know exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it, so there really is no need to panic.

In the run up to Christmas, it’s a good idea to undertake some stress management, so that you don’t become burnt out by all of the shopping and preparations. Taking some time out for yourself to relax might seem like a luxury in the busy world we live in, but it really is important to maintain your physical and mental health. Whether you take a walk, have a bath or take ten minutes to enjoy a meditation app, these little breaks will help you to feel calmer and enjoy your holidays all the more.
Prepare Your Home
If you have a big family coming round for Christmas, it can be difficult to know where to put them all! You might have just about enough chairs for everyone, but fitting them all in the same room can be a challenge. You can make it much easier simply by moving your furniture around and putting unnecessary items in a different room, or you could think about treating yourself to a bit of a home makeover.

Clever space solutions such as internal bifolding doors like these allow you to open up your home, making two smaller rooms into one large room with plenty of room for everyone. This can create a much more festive atmosphere, as the family isn’t split up into different rooms, and also allows you to take part in the fun while you are getting everything ready. However you decide to prepare for your big family Christmas, make sure you prioritise spending time with family, and remember to enjoy yourself. It only happens once a year, so try to relax, stay calm and appreciate the opportunity to see all of your loved ones in the same house.

Would love to hear your tips on hosting the family at Christmas, please share them below :)

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