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Friday, March 24, 2017

Lifestyle | Last Minute Mothers day gift guide 2017

Another year, another mothers day. Not only am I thankful to have a fantastic mother, who has always wanted the best for me, supported me and loved me, no matter how hard I have made it. She's been a fantastic role model and I honestly believe that I will be happy in life if I achieve even a fraction of the happiness that she has. Mummy dearest is on holiday with my dad, so my sisters and I will be treating my nan this Sunday. But that doesn't mean my mum won't get a pressie! Here are a few things I've got my eye on for her:

Bloom &Wild

My mum loves having flowers in her house, she has a lot of dried and silk ones, but really appreciates a good bouquet of flowers. She loves light colours, nothing too bright or colourful. She's also really good at arranging flowers and I think would love a Bloom & Wild subscription.

Ugg Slippers

Mum can be super glam, and has been called a yummy mummy more than once, but she is a comfort girl at heart. I know she loves her warm snuggly Ugg boots, and I think the slippers would be a lovely gift for when she's working from home, or having a Netflix day.

A good handbag

I guess this Kate Spade bag is more my taste than my mums. But she loves a designer bag, over the years she has collected a few, that give us all bag envy. 

Neom Sleep Kit

I've heard great things about this kit, and know that my mum often finds it hard to sleep (mainly because my dad is a champion snorer!). But what a lovely gift, the contents aim is to help relax your body and and bring you to the calm that you need in order to get a quality night sleep.

Wine Glasses

My mum loves a good old bottle glass of wine. She is a very sociable women, and regularly has guest over, which also means, that a lot of glasses get accidentally broken. Why not be a good daughter and help her replenish her collection?


What person doesn't love being gifted a good fragrance? My mum is currently in obsessed with Estee Lauders Aerin fragrances, created by Estee Lauders daughter. But other great choices out there are Kate Spade, Walk on Air  and the classic Chanel no. 5.

Novelty Mum Mug

No Mother's day is complete without a novelty Mum mug!

Cherish your mummy this year, and spoil her rotten.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Lifestyle | More Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Image: HomeTalk

Cabinet designs to add style to your bathroom 

When designed and decorated with flair and style in mind, a bathroom can be an elegant, classy space for your home. However, as a room that also accommodates a great deal of storage, the visual appeal of your bathroom can be quickly lost to clutter.

A bathroom cabinet can be a great unit for holding your all-essential items. By carefully choosing a design that fits with your bathroom decor, they can be so much more than a storage space and add a real sense of style to the room.

Here are some popular cabinet designs, from Pebble Grey, which are worth considering to add a stylish quality to your bathroom.

Wooden and furniture styles

A popular trend in the world of bathroom cabinet design has been the furniture style, which is when a cabinet resembles a piece of wooden furniture. This could include a vintage oak dresser or Victorian chest of drawers, standing on shaped legs. Not only does this provide a beautiful set piece for your bathroom, it also offers many options for storage, such as attractive cupboards and drawers. 

Wooden cabinets like this can give your bathroom a classy, rather than trendy, look. Wood can also be a good choice of material for a cabinet as it fits well with common bathroom colour schemes, such as different shades of brown. It can also be easy to match with other furniture in your bathroom, like your bath, shower and sink.

Glass and mirrored designs 

If you’re looking for a trendy yet sophisticated look for your bathroom, a glass cabinet can be a good choice. Glass cabinets can blend well with other details in your bathroom, such as tiled walls, chrome surfaces and your bath and basin taps. Different types of glass doors can also add to the softness and style of the space, from transparent and tinted to frosted designs.  

In addition to this, aside from making a cabinet multifunctional, a mirrored design can bring more light into your bathroom and create the illusion of space. The reflection of light and decor in the mirror can also accentuate your use of colour, while reflected images of furniture can emphasise the themes and styles you use and make the room look bigger. 

Tall designs and open shelving 

If space is an issue in your bathroom that you feel hinders your use of style, fitting a tall cabinet to hold your storage can work well. These design can be effectively placed in the corner of the room, while providing a sleek set piece to grab people’s attention when they enter. Tall cabinets can also emphasise the height of the room, creating depth, while drawing the eye upwards. This is ideal if you want a guest to notice an attractive ceiling light fixture.

Alternatively, cabinets that come with open shelving can give the styles in your bathroom some variety, creating pleasant line and shapes. With attractive items, such as colourful luxury towels and toiletries, on display, they can be aesthetically pleasing on the eye too. Open shelves can also be used to expand to the style of your other bathroom furniture and fittings, like by placing an open shelved cabinet alongside a vanity unit or next to a bath wall. 

There are many ways to add style to your bathroom. When it comes to bathroom cabinets, the various designs, from wood to glass, can help create the look you desire.

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Lifestyle | Design your bathroom to fulfil its potential

Image: Houzz
At the moment I am obsessed with looking for houses and imagining how I would renovate them. Sometimes my visions are full of kitsch accessories and bright colours and others are minimal, marble and whites.

Although I may not have a specific style in mind, and my d├ęcor preferences change like the wind, I do have some firm ideas. I’ve rented for over 10 years and have made notes on simple design faux pas that have really ruined the functionality of a space.

Wooden blinds

My main bugbear with bathrooms is lack of natural light, which I think is essential for things like plucking your eyebrows and other bathroom beauty rituals.
I have had bathrooms with no windows, some with tiny high up windows, but mostly they are right by the bath or shower. This isn’t always an issue, currently my bathroom is upstairs, I can have a bath without the roller blind down and still have privacy. However if I was to shower, my poor neighbour would be in danger of getting an eyeful.
The roller blinds are so clunky and they get covered in watermarks and all sorts, more importantly, all natural light is blocked out.
In my dream bathroom, I would choose wooden blinds, they are easy to wipe clean, so no staining. They can be open and closed without obstructing anything, unlike shutters and can preserve privacy while letting natural light in.

Bathroom Storage

When you share a bathroom with several other people, products and other bathroom necessities quickly mount up and clutter your bathroom, leaving it looking messy and in a small space, quite claustrophobic.
I believe, as with all storage options, bathroom storage is key. If you have the luxury of space, then built in cupboards and shelving is a fantastic way of storing towels, products and other bathroom bits.
If, on the other hand you do not have a lot of space, then it’s time to think about how to add it. Having a bathroom cabinet above the sink is not exactly breaking news, but is a great way place to hide products. But could you add addition shelves to the unit? Or maybe use baskets for more organised storage.
If the space under and around your sink isn’t big enough for a cabinet, think about under sink rail storage.

Extractor Fans

There is nothing that will ruin a bathroom faster than having no extractor fan – this is a fast track to a mold and mildew problem. In the last few years I have had extractor fans, but only ones that work when you turn on the light, the best ones to buy are those that automatically start when they detect moisture.

Heated Towel Rails

Heated towel rails are a no brainer really, keeps the bathroom warm in the winter, dries your towels and makes them snuggly when you get out of the shower. The most important thing is placement. Do not put it next to the toilet. It’s not fun to be half asleep and burn yourself on it!


Although I love natural lighting, it’s obviously not always possible. I find in a bathroom the biggest mistake made is often just putting one ceiling light in the bathroom. Yes this brightens up the room, but often leaves dark corners and lighting that you can’t apply make-up under, unless you are going for ‘tango-ed chic’.

What are your bathroom design bugbears?

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