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Sunday, May 01, 2016

Fashion | Money Saving Tips for Those Times When You Need an Entire New Wardrobe

 Image: Geneva Vanderzeil
For most of us, it happens occasionally in life that we need to basically build up a new
wardrobe from scratch. Whether it is for a temporary reason, such as needing a maternity wardrobe,
because your body has changed a lot – for instance because of significant weight loss, or because
you have decided on a complete change of image - there can be times when none of the stuff you
already own will do, and you need to create a whole new wardrobe to cover every day and both
daytime and evening situations!

This is obviously going to cost some money, and depending on how much you usually spend on
clothes, can be a fairly significant investment. You may want to consider personal loans or a credit
card as a way of paying, whatever you choose to use to fund your shopping spree, it can
pay to think ahead about what you will buy to prevent costs getting out of control!

Make A List

If you simply go out to the shops or start searching for clothes online and pick up stuff just based on
what you like, you can end up spending more because you aren't buying to fit a structure that will give you a full, wearable wardrobe using the least amount of pieces. Instead, make a list of items you could use to make a capsule wardrobe based on your own style, and stick to that. If you wear jeans a lot, then a couple of pairs and some things to wear with them on top can cover most situations. If you are more of a dresses person, consider a few key dress styles that you can wear for both day and evening with different accessories. Do you need to buy all new shoes, or are the ones you have suitable for use with your new stuff? Consider exactly what you need, list it out, and stick to that list as you browse for the perfect item to fill each slot.

Shop at the Right Time

Timing when you shop can affect how much you pay dramatically. If you get in during the sales as new season's stock comes in, you can often get bargains on things that will still be 'current season'
for a couple more months. In any case, when you are replacing an entire wardrobe you usually want
things that will see you through multiple seasons and still be good next year, so you can shop in sales
for pieces that aren't too trend focused.

Buy Basics Online

You may want to try on most of the things you buy if you are a new size or trying a new look, but you
can save money by picking up the basic stuff you don't necessarily need to try on, like leggings,
sweaters and simple tops online.

Creating a whole new wardrobe is no easy feat, and it can be easy for it to go over budget if you don't think carefully about what you choose and how it fits together. Use these tips to save money.

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Monday, April 25, 2016


Probably one of the most overlooked parts of decorating your house is windows. We focus on colour schemes, textures and placement of furniture, but how often do we consider doing anything other than blinds or curtains? Let's look at some of the alternatives.


Not sure if you want shutters? Go shopping, or browsing somewhere that does both shutters and blinds - Luxaflex for example, that way you can compare both (or all options).
 we currently have them in our house and they have a number of benefits. Firstly the privacy element, my front room is more or less straight on the street, having the shutters means that we can have light and privacy.

In the Winter, shutting them provides an extra lay of warmth, not only the illusion of shutting out the dank cold weather outside, but also adding extra insulation. On the flipside, in Summer leaving the window open and the shutters at the right angle generates a much-needed breeze on a hot night.

The extra bonus is of course that, unlike with slatted blinds, Joe can easily use them.

Window Seating

When I was younger, a family member lived in this massive townhouse in London. On nearly every floor there was snuggly window seating, where I would sit and read and watch the world go by. Ever since then I have always dreamed of having a window seat/ book nook, one with (much needed) storage underneath.

Image: homestilo

String Lights

I, like many bloggers, love using string lights in my home. They create great mood lighting and turning them on in the evening, replicates the light that shines through during the day. Also great to use in a zombie apocalypse a la 28 Days Later to signal other non-zombies.

Image: Knar Bedian

Cut Out Shutters

If you want to be a bit more adventurous, or like the thought of your shutters adding to your decor, why stick to regular shutters? You could create a crazy pattern, or print and then fill it with coloured filters. Think how the colours will illuminate the room as the sun moves through the day.


Add a pop of colour

Why stick to white window frames and panes? Add a pop of colour to your windows, or if bright yellow is not your thing then try adding a contrasting colour, or a different shade or tone of the same colour.
Image: Elle Decoration

Have you got a funky window in your home?

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

BRIGHTON | Deliveroo Review - Aw that rhymes!

I love to go out for a good meal, but sometimes nothing beats a takeaway on the sofa, snuggled in front of the TV. Previously, we had a stack of menus for takeaway, the dodgy chicken shop down the road, the standard pizza place, that is guaranteed to give me pizza tummy, or the Indian that is always much better in your mind than in your mouth.

Brighton and Hove now has a better option - Deliveroo. Whether you use the website or the app - it is simple to use - just order from the plethora of places and watch its progress to your table in real-time. You can even follow the delivery driver as they cycle to you.

What I like the most is the places that you can order from - all firm favourites, or places that we have heard nothing but rave reviews from. I know I mention Coggins and Co. quite a lot but the thought of getting the Rarebit burger while binge-watching a series on Netflix with Joe is pure heaven. The only downfall is trying to keep Sega away!

Coggins usually has a longer waiting period than other places on offer, but for me, it is well worth the wait. I am a bit obsessive with checking the app and questioning the delivery drivers route, but what do I know! The burgers and chips are always hot when I get them and the delivery time (compared to the kitchen to table time) does not affect the quality of the food.

As well as, delivering delicious burgers to my doorstep for dinner, you can also order Breakfast from Langelees, ice cream and cake if you're in the mood for sweets, or treat yourself to the new lunch box from award-winning The Chilli Pickle.

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Although I regularly use Deliveroo, on this occasion I received a free Coggins &Co, delivery in return for this review. Once you try the Welsh Rarebit burger you'll see why!

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