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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Fashion | Casual Christmas Outfit

This year, Christmas is back to normal. We’re all going to mums to spend Christmas Day as a family, my MIL will be coming along with my Nan and her cousin. This year we have another addition (no baby), our little Boston puppy Bruno, will be joining. Mum has already bought him a Christmas themed bed and a jumper to keep him warm and “…include him in the festivity…”. While the poor Sega (our cat) sits on the sofa all by herself at home! Although, I think she will appreciate time away from Bruno.

 We will all sit around drinking fizz, playing games, stuffing our faces and opening presents until the early evening, when the day turns into an open house. Friends and family are free to join and I already know that a few people are planning to come. As great as this is and trust me, after a day of being preached to by a certain family member, it is nice to have others to talk to.

However, it comes with its own dilemma. I like to be snuggly – the past few Christmas’s have been spent in comfy lounging clothes sans makeup. But now I need to look fairly decent when the guests come. So here is my casual but passable Christmas outfit.

I have chosen this lovely Esprit dungaree dress, this was a strategic move, as it means no stomach restrictions, no giving in to the inevitable trouser button un-doing allowing more nibbles. I’ve teamed it with this lovely Bardot style top, the neckline add a sense of elegance to it (as long as I remember not to slouch) and the sparkle details adds the Christmas magic, let me not forget the extra sparkle added by these tights. I haven’t decided on shoes yet – do I take day shoes and evening shoes, do I just give up and wear ugg boots? Or shall I take comfy warm socks and a pair of flats for later?
Mum, Joe and I like to pop out for dirty cigarettes throughout the day, they have a covered outdoors area with some heaters, but with this adorable hat (similar here) and this lovely pink boyfriend jacket I will no doubt stay toasty.

I’ve teamed the outfit with this lovely dusky pink watch to match the hat and jacket and a neutral toned bag, which will hopefully be big enough to carry my Christmas swag home.
I may bring a long a novelty Christmas jumper too, but only to wear during dinner so that I don’t spill food all down me – I’m a liability!

What are your Christmas plans – I’d love to hear them!

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Monday, December 19, 2016

Lifestyle | Fun & Quirky Stocking Stuffers

Christmas is not just about the gifts wrapped under the tree. Rummaging through a stocking full of goodies can be the most exciting part of Christmas morning. To make your stockings memorable this year, don't just fill them with tangerines and gift cards. Try out these quirky, fun stocking stuffers and watch your family's faces light up with excitement this Christmas.
These lip balms are natural, organic and super hydrating. They're available in a wide variety of flavours including passion fruit, pomegranate raspberry and so many more. Not to mention the quirky spherical packaging is really cute.

2. Green People Butterfly gift sets
Prices vary (all currently 20% off)
These gift sets come nicely packaged ready to hang from the tree. I have the Soothe one, the products are fantastic, fragrance-free, which is a real bonus for sensitive skin. All their products are natural and organic.

Prices vary
Know a crafty creature, someone who loves to make things, or maybe someone who knits or would like to learn, why not get them a craft kit? They could start simple with a scarf or move up to jumper, depending on skill. I would love to make these cushions!

4. DVDs for Him
Men are not always the easiest to buy for. My father is particularly hard, he seems not to have many hobbies, has enough socks and shirts to start a small shop. He doesn’t often go to the cinema, but he loves evenings on the sofa, with a cup of tea and a forbidden biscuit (he’s diabetic!) and watch good movie.

Prices Vary
Do you know a trendy Wendy? The Bum-bag is back, as part of the 90s throwback fashion trends that have hit the style scene. Why not show that you are in the know? They also make a great gift for athletes, joggers, cyclists.

Prices vary
A lovely tradition that my Grandad used to do, was to buy us each a bauble every year. From a young age, I loved receiving them - he had 5 grandchildren and he would buy us each an individual decoration, something I now treasure. Since he passed it feels like he is with us on Christmas day.

Have you bought all of your Christmas presents yet? 

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Lifestyle | boon. for Christmas Challenge

This post was sponsored by boon.

As Christmas has grown closer, the pressures to entertain, buy gifts and be festive mounts. Last year I hosted Christmas for the first time, but luckily that was a one off. This year I am back to hosting a few friends in the run-up to the big day.

This year I have accepted the boon. Christmas 'Host with the Most' challenge. If you aren't aware of boon., it's a payment app that works with Apple pay, allowing you to pay with your iPhone or Apple watch. If you haven't used Apple pay, it's so simple. Once you have set it up with your card, just hold your phone over the contactless card machine, select the boon. virtual card, fingerprint and you are done.

Best of all, it's not associated with your card or bank account - great to use to budget your spending. You simply add credit and go. Best of all there isn't the usual £30 limit on the contactless spend, making shopping easy and convenient.

Anyway, back to the challenge....

Buy a secret Santa gift 

Secret Santa shopping can be hard, luckily, in Brighton and Hove there's a plethora of charity shops to hunt for treasure in. My secret Santa person is a vintage fashion lover, which I find quite tricky, but when I saw this old leopard brooch I knew I'd hit the jackpot.

A Christmas game

To keep my guest entertained I picked up a few bits. As well as grabbing some props for pictures, I grabbed a holiday classic - Who am I. This provided us with loads of laughter, especially when someone got Boris Johnson!

Festive nibbles

I'm not going to lie, as someone who has no real religion, to me Christmas is about the food - although we now eat pigs in blankets all year round, there are still some Christmas essentials that I look forward too. Waitrose was our food shop this year, after being a bit disappointed with Tesco's selection. I grabbed mini yorkshire puddings filled with a mini roast dinner, toffee apple stuffing balls (OMG, yummy) and some Chorizo wheels. These all went down great with our guests.

Room decorations

We added a few additions to our tree (our first ever real one) this year. These light up initial decorations are from M&S - they were in the 3 for 2 offer so we got some extra ones to use a place-holders for our guests at the dinner table.

Christmas jumper

Lastly, this is a quick snap I took after buying my Star Wars inspired Christmas Jumpers - Can you spot Yoda and the Tauntons?

If you want to win some free boon. credit to spend this Christmas head over to the boon Facebook to enter their Secret Santa contest! You can download the boon. app here and set yourself up with a virtual card in minutes.

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