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Saturday, May 10, 2014

FOOD | Juicy Tox 4 Day Juice Cleanse - Review

JuicyTox is a Sussex based company who provide and prepared Juice Detox/Cleanse, their detox lasts for four days and consists of freshly made filled with anti-oxidants, calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Chlorophyll, Foliate and Vitamin A, C, K, E. I was doing the detox Tuesday through to Friday, my first delivery of juices arrived on Monday evening and compromised of the first two days’ worth of product, which included 8 juices, 2 ginger shots, 4 lemons & 4 detox teabags. My second delivery arrived on Wednesday evening.

The juices are taken as follows each day:

8am Ginger shot (This will certainly wake you up)
10am Green - Spinach, kale, celery, cucumber, apple and lemon.
1pm Orange – Carrot, lemon, orange, apple and ginger.
4pm Green - Spinach, kale, celery, cucumber, apple and lemon.
7pm Red – Beetroot, kale, carrot, apple and celery.

• Tea around 1hr before you go to bed. The tea is optional so don’t feel you’ve got to do it. 
• All the bottles have times on it so don’t worry if you forget. 
• Times are for guide purposes so if you want to do everything an hour earlier/later that’s fine
• You must drink at least 2ltrs of lemon water throughout the day

Reasons to Detox

What are the benefits of a detox – why should I go without chocolate, coffee and all things I'm addicted to for four days?
·         Detoxing is a great way to give our bodies a break from bad toxins we would normally consume
·         Boosting energy levels
·         Improving your immune system
·         Radiant complexion
·         Detoxing the body
·         Improving your digestion
·         Reduced bloating

How did I get on?

Day One

I started the day with the Ginger shot just before 8am– this tasted fine – although very gingery and brought on a minor sneezing fit. In between this and my first juice I was busy getting to work and answering my emails after the bank holiday so was completely distracted until the 10am when my first juice was due. When I got into work I filled both a pint glass and a mug with a slice of lemon and water, boiled in the mug. I know that with these sorts of cleanses/diets keeping hydrated is key and the more water you drink the more toxins you flush out.
The green juice at 10 am tastes a lot better than it looks, but does taste exactly like Green! I’m obsessing a bit about food at this point because my work gives us a free continental breakfast on the first Monday (or Tuesday on bank holidays) of the month so there are croissants everywhere, but I just continued to drink my lemon juice.
By my 1pm Juice all the croissants are gone and I am happy that I have had the restraint and not even had a bite of one. Time for my first taste of the orange coloured juice – this tastes better than the Green juice and has a very much welcomed ginger kick to it. Between this and the water I am fine waiting for my second Green juice at 4pm and actually have it in sips rather than basically knocking it back like the previous two.
My final juice is the Red one at 7pm – like with the gap between the Ginger shot and the first juice of the day, I was very distracted with finishing work and getting home so don’t really notice being particularly hungry or weak etc. The red juice is by far the tastiest and is really refreshing. Hubs had Pizza for dinner and while it smelled amazing I didn’t really mind missing out – just stuck to my lemon water and waited until I –had the mint tea an hour before bed. The mint tea is lovely and a bit of a treat – I’m not sure if it is meant to aid sleep, but I feel quite tired by bed time and drift off to sleep very quickly.

Day Two

I woke up this morning after what was possibly the best sleep I have had in a while. I did not wake up once throughout the night (apart from the 6.30am cat feeding) and I felt so well rested, but slightly dehydrated – although much less than I would usually be. Eagerly jumping on the scales I notice I have lost 2lbs!I have a glass of lemon water and my shot of Ginger – this time it did not make me sneeze, although my nose was running a bit. I walked to work this morning and noticed half way through that I had a slight headache and probably should have taken a bottle of water with me.
By 10 am I am re-hydrated after another pint of lemon water and a mug of hot lemon water so I am well prepared for my first juice of the day. I am not feeling hungry or distracted (something I experienced on my fast days when I was doing the 5:2 diet).
About 12.30pm I notice I am starting to feel a bit hungry and getting a slight headache I think this is because I have not been as militant about my water today compared to this morning. After getting back on the water I feel much better and any hunger pangs are gone once I’ve had my juice, which has become surprisingly filling. Where on day one I was counting down the minutes today I only realise it’s time for a juice because a colleague reminds me!
My delivery for day 3 and 4 arrived shortly after I get home. Hubs ties his dinner in to coincide with my 7pm juice – his food smells lovely (you notice all food smells lovely) but I don’t mind not eating until he gets a piece of chocolate cake (OH YES HE DID) later on in the evening and I unfortunately crack and have a pear (which is mentioned as a last resort in the FAQs) and then spend the whole night feeling disappointed with myself sabotaging ways and convinced I will put on all 2lbs that I lost.

Day Three

Another night of amazing sleep and feeling we rested, after getting really worried my pear had blown the detox I get back on the scales to find that I have in fact lost another 2 ¼ lbs, between this and knowing I am half way through I am feeling really confident that I can continue this detox without cheating again. I do my shot of Ginger which I am now used to and am starting to like, no sneezing. Today I have noticed that my skin is looking much better – I started getting hormone spots on my chin a few days before I started the detox, these have now dried up and will be gone in another day, my colleague also makes a comment about how my skin is glowing!
10pm and 1pm Juices are both nearly forgotten – I don’t know if this is because I am particularly busy at work, but I am not noticing hunger pangs, headaches or anything! The final juices go down well – I noticed this afternoon feeling quite hungry before the 7pm red juice and having a slight headache, but once I have it and get some more lemon water down me I am fine.

Day Four

Final day is here, I’m feeling up beat as I’ve lost another 3/4lb this morning (not going to lie, I had been dreaming of another 2lbs but still great news). I start of well with my shot of ginger, which I am actually considering keeping as a regular thing after the detox ends today!
Juice 1 and 2 go down fine, I’m still feeling fantastic and had another positive compliment about my skin. After the 2nd juice I realise, with some surprise, that I haven’t been craving chocolate or food today. When my final 4pm Green juice comes around I’m actually struggling to finish it as it’s actually quite filling, the same happens again with the 7pm Red juice. I also noticed that the juices seem to have a stronger flavour in the final two days.

Saturday Morning

Just like every night on the detox I have slept like a baby and feel well rested when I wake up. I have lost a further 1.5lbs - 6.5lb in total. What’s more surprising is that I actually still don’t really feel hungry and have loads of energy. Hubs and I manage to complete Level 1 of #30dayshred before having breakfast (poached eggs, grilled bacon and a bagel).
Now for the Physical results, which I am so pleased with! My stomach is a lot smaller and flatter and I feel really motivated to carry on eating more healthily and exercising more.

I also feel like this is something I can see myself doing every couple of months just to give my body a bit of a boost. I’d also like to mention that Rob (from Juicy Tox) was really encouraging throughout checking up on how we were all doing and introducing all us detoxers via Twitter. This really helped as we were motivating each other and being really supportive and have been tweeting result all morning! The Juicy Tox experience gets massive thumbs up from me!
Have you ever done a detox?

Juicy Tox 4 day Juice Detox is available around Sussex for £59.99 including both deliveries.

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