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The weather continues to be beautiful in Brighton *touch wood* and this is my favourite time of you to have my friends over. We have a fairly big garden so we tend to have a lot of BBQs once the weather is good and consume a lot of food and booze. One thing (apart from burgers and Persian kebabs) that really excite me are summer salads, especially those with fruits and cheeses. Here are my top 5 summer salad recipes….

Griddled Chicken, Crispy Pancetta, Fig and Peppercress Salad with a Maple & Lime dressing

When I was younger my grandma used to have a greenhouse filled with fig trees and my dad and I would go pick them, there is also a fig tree at the villa in Spain so figs really remind me of summer. This salad is a recipe by Florette Salad that I’ve made for my lunch a few times. It is light but interesting enough to satisfy me until dinner!

Jamie Oliver’s Greek Salad

Picture c/o Jamie Oliver’s website

I know that the Greek Salad is a stable classic, but they can be a bit hit and miss. Earlier this year we had a BBQ and my BFF made this salad and it was amazing, the best Greek salad I have ever had. He made a massive bowl and Hubs, whose only real salad intake is the lettuce in a burger, and I were eating it for a few days after!

Watermelon and Feta Salad

I first had a variation of this salad at Browns a few years ago and was delighted. Desperate to recreate it I came across Cooking Weekends blog and found this recipe, which in my opinion was nicer than the Nigella version (I know sacrilege!)

Shirazi Salad

Shirazi Salad is a very simple Persian salad, it’s the perfect accompaniment for rice and kebabs and some garlic yoghurt, it’s such a great BBQ salad and reminds me of family parties and BBQs when I was younger.

Mega Berry Antioxidant Spinach Salad

If you need an ultra clean salad after a heavy week or just like to eat well then this is an amazing salad filled with anti-oxidant. I suffer from low iron levels as my body has troubles absorbing it and spinach is filled with iron. Rather than force feed myself liver, I try to cram spinach into my diet as mush as possible. Also the strawberries high levels of vitamin C which apparently help the body absorb it, so double win. Not to mention I am a sucker for blueberries and goats cheese!

What are your favourite salads? 

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