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Thursday, August 09, 2012

FASHION | Curvy Kate Entice Bra Review

When I was at the Curvy Kate Blogger event I fell in love with this Entice set*. I never wear a padded bra because I usually want to minimize the size of my chest, but every now and then a girl needs something that makes here feel sexy.

At the moment with my weight loss I've got a limited amount of bras and clothes that fit me and to constantly replace my wardrobe is just not financially possible. This has left me feeling a bit down about my appearance, firstly the clothes I have are limited, because some have just got too big to wear and those that are wearable aren't necessarily the most flattering things.

Getting this Entice set, even though Joe is the only person who is going to see it, is going to give me some hidden confidence. I decided to get it with the matching thong, to make me feel even sexier, i'm usually a brief or shorts girl. Having tried the set on the bra fits perfectly, I instantly felt amazing! I got the 34 GG ( the same as I got for the replacement princess) because I think this one comes up a bit smaller than the others.

Also I just saw that you get £7 off a £30 spend at Brastop  today (9/08/2012) with the code GAMES

Love Lilla xx


  1. This is lovely! Definitely checking out Curvy Kate next time I'm bra shopping! x

    1. They are my favourite! They have some really great bras coming out soon and some beautiful swimwear being released in January! X

  2. Oh my! I just love this set! do you know if the fit is similar to the rest of the showgirl range?
    Ejay x

    1. Yeah it is! I just saw that you get £7 off a £30 spend at Brastop today with the code GAMES as well!

  3. I chose this one as well Lilla! It's gorgeous!!!! xx


  4. Just featured your lovely blog in my last post!



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